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DJ Mag Denies Cash for Coverage Claims

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on August 16, 2012

DJ Magazine has brushed off claims by EDM Snob that superstar DJs are routinely paying tens of thousands of pounds for favourable editorial coverage after the anonymous blog published invoices and linked them to feature articles published about the stars.

“In response to recent postings by EDM Snob, DJ Mag would like to clarify that the invoices that have been published are for legitimate advertising and CD covermount deals,” DJ said in an official statement.

“This can easily be verified by checking the magazine issues mentioned. They are not “secret documents” but are confidential company invoices and have been obtained without our consent.”

EDM Snob also claimed the payments undermined the validity of the magazine’s always controversial Top 100 DJ poll, a point the magazine also strenuously denied.

“We cannot stress enough that as guardians of the Top 100 DJs Poll we take the integrity of the Poll extremely seriously,” they stressed.

“This stunt simply looks like an attempt to drive traffic and interest in EDM Snob’s blog, and divert attention away from our ongoing investigation into cheating in this year’s Poll.

We view the obtaining of these invoices as a criminal matter and have contacted the police.” (DJ Mag:

The ‘ongoing investigation’ they referred to was referenced in an earlier official statement made by DJ boss Martin Carvell, in which he revealed they had discovered ‘blatant’ cheating adding that ‘several high-profile DJs are currently under investigation.’

Though no big name DJs have yet been outed, relative unknown Miss Diamond was kicked off the poll after being publically accused of cheating, prompting a furious denial from the Swiss DJ via her blog.

“At the moment there is a terrible smear campaign against me, started by people from DJ Mag. I am terribly shocked and the whole incident puts a heavy strain on me. Being pregnant I actually have other things to worry about. But I want to set these wrong accusations in the proper light,” she said.

“DJ Mag maintains I had cheated in connection with the DJ Ranking competition. Yet where I should have cheated is not mentioned,” she continued.

“We have not manipulated anything. Like all participants we have asked our friends and Miss Diamond DJ fans to vote for me on the DJ ranking. This is, as far as I know neither illegal nor wrong.” She also pointed out she has over 150,000 Facebook ‘likes’ ‘not counted Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. 

‘And they are real since I have been DJing in international clubs for years,” she added.

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