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DJ Fergie Reinvents Himself To Conquer Vegas

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on August 17, 2012

Northern Ireland’s best known international DJ Fergie has changed his name to Rob Guson, moved to Las Vegas and ditched hard/ tech house for ‘more mainstream music’ (EDM), the Las Vegas Review Journal noted this week, in a euphoric article hailing his successful reincarnation.

Chatting to the paper’s nightlife columnist Doug Elfman, the one time Tony De Vit protégé and Radio 1 star chatted happily about the challenges of entertaining pole dancers and bottle service VIPs, as well as no longer having to worry about concentrating solely ‘keeping people dancing’.

"European guys - for many, many years - they would build a set over maybe two, three hours. The crescendo being at the end,” he recalled.

"America - you have to come in all guns blazing. The first three records, you need to be laying it down,” he said. ( :

Describing his transformation to Titillate Magazine in the US some months earlier, he was similarly open.

“After nearly 20 years as Fergie, a name change might seem crazy, but anyone who has followed my career will know that I don’t obey the rules,” he said.

“I want my music to transcend any genre boundaries and reach out to more people.”

Despite apparently cracking his EDM reinvention entirely successfully, his past as one of UK club culture’s most hardcore characters hasn’t quite escaped him, he admitted on Twitter this week, describing a recent trip to Korea.

“Just been kicked or of the gym in Korea because of my tattoos :) always happens but I forget to bring a long sleeve top,” he Tweeted.

“(They) just they think I'm a gang man :-) crazy Irish triad”, he laughed.

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