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Guest Reviewer: Sidney Samson

Reported by Nick Trackitdo on August 29, 2012

To celebrate the end of the incredible DJ Mag Top 100 Poll voting, we are proud to welcome the superstar Sidney Samson to be our Guest Reviewer. Wise words too, so check this out...

Thanks very much for taking time out to speak to us! Can you tell the readers where you are in the world today and what you‚ve been up to over the last 7 days?

I'm in Ibiza right now! I've been here for a week now and did 3 shows at Privilege with LMFAO and Steve Aoki.

Your bio tells us that you‚ve been experimenting with music since the age of 7! Are you from a musical background and what were some of the key influences in the early days before your global success?

When i was young i listened to my dad's music. He mostly played James Brown, Phil Collins and some cool funk stuff. I need to check out his collection again!

You've had many massive tracks but Riverside is the one that always springs to mind first. Can you describe to young DJs and producers reading this how important it is to make big tunes and what difference it made to your career?

Well Riverside changed my career. It gave me the chance to show the world my DJ skills. You need to produce music as a DJ because that's the best promo you can have. People need to know what they can expect when they are coming to your show. So producing your own music is essential i think.

After delivering such a global hit, did you feel more pressure to create more tracks like it or did you just keep doing your own thing?

No pressure at all. I will always do my own thing and if i'm lucky i will have a big hit like Riverside again. If not, i'm still the happiest person on earth right now!

The Sidney Samson sound is very unique and very different to a lot of house music out there. How would you describe your sound and are you always looking to find influence from outside of house music when you make your beats?

My music always has a kinda urban feel in it. I love to mix it up. Drops need to be hard and breaks have to be beautiful.

When you are in the studio do you work on your own or do you partner up an engineer? If it's the latter, can you tell our aspiring young DJs reading this what benefits having another person in the studio session brings to your beats?

I always work alone! No engineer or whatever! For me that works the best for now. I would love to have an engineer but haven't found anybody yet who connects with my workflow.

You have remixed for some incredibly huge names such as Kylie Minogue, David Guetta & Martin Solveig. How do you approach a big remix project such as this? Are there any important rules you stick to when working with other people's music?

I always try to only use the acapella and make my own music around it. But sometimes you need to use the synth melody of the original. But if you listen to my remixes i don't do that a lot. I find it more challenging to find new chords that also fit the same vocals.

Would it be safe to say that you're a DJ first? Lots of our readers here are DJs too. If you could tell the young Sidney Samson one important piece of advice about the DJ business from your experience now what would it be?

Yes i'm a DJ first! I spent a lot of time just DJing at home when i was young. I played sooo many gigs for free just because i wanted to play. I think the real art of DJing is a little bit gone because the new equipment makes it so easy. But it also gives more possibilities when mixing. So i try to be original and do crazy stuff when i do my set. So my advice would be, know your equipment and practice a lot and be a boss in the DJ booth!

Before the crazy career explosion since Riverside you were a very well respected resident DJ at some of Holland's biggest clubs. How important was it to have a regular spot to play to learn your skills and where was your favourite residency and why?

My first residency was at The Matrixx. For me that club is still No 1 in Holland. At that time I could really compete with the big boys and show them what i got. It gave me inspiration and motivated me to be a better DJ everytime i played before or after the headliner.

Finally, 2012 is the year of the international rock star DJ! What's the most rock n roll thing Sidney Samson has done on tour this year!?

HaHa, I'm actually not that rock n roll but i was on tour with LMFAO for 6 weeks and Redfoo is rock'n'rolllllllll!!!!


My latest release! Got some great support from David Guetta when he featured it on the Fuck Me I'm Famous mix CD.

One of the best writers around did it again!.. Jenson you are the man. Great remix from Blinders!

Label: Jack Knife Records (TLM)
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2012-08-20
MP3 320kbs$ 1.66
WAV$ 1.98

For me it's all about the second drop. Never heard a bassline like it.

Label: Unreleased Digital
Genre: House / Electro (Electro, Progressive)
Release Date: 2012-08-20
MP3 320kbs$ 1.66
WAV$ 1.98

DJs Supporting: 2

Hype Hype Hype! Tuneeeee! Love every part of this song. Dancefloor killer for sure!

One of the best producers alive! What a sound! Really diggin Knife Party!

Get ready for Leroy! He's coming with some crazy new songs. Tune!

Label: Vicious Recordings
Genre: House / Electro
Release Date: 2012-08-31
MP3 320kbs$ 1.66
WAV$ 1.98

DJs Supporting: 1

Uplifting break and harddddd drop!! Must jump to this!

Everytime Lil Jon's comes in the crowd get crazy! With this remix you really get the sidney samson dutch feeling.

Really original and fun to play! Great song.

Label: Funky Element Records
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2012-08-27
MP3 320kbs$ 1.66
WAV$ 1.98

This dubstep track really pumps me up! Second drop is sick.

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