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Skrufff Bites

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on September 3, 2012

"Be warned, the next time you have your hairy legs in shorts and you pass by a bunch of kids who yell, “Highly flammable”, just know they are taking gibes at your hairy thin legs." (Uganda Observer;

Uganda's must read Metrosexual column advises that even when you're terrorised by packs of local feral kids 'you can't go wrong in shorts'.


“I think the term is limiting, the Berghain sound is something to be experienced and encompasses much more than how it’s often described, that is, heavy bass drums, a dark atmosphere and drone sounds.” (WikiFestivals;

Berghain resident Ben Klock refuses to be drawn on defining the ‘Berghain sound’.


"I've always wanted to be a mom. But I thought it would take longer!" (US magazine;

Playboy playmate Holly Madison says she’s thrilled to be expecting a baby with her boyfriend of nine months Pasquale Rotella (boss of Electric Daisy Carnival events).


“Mehdi became my mentor. We had a brotherhood. He was such an inspiration. He was honestly an angel. He would see you once and remember your name. He was magnetic.” (Mixmag:

Ed Banger EDM star Brodinski pays tribute to Medhi, one year after the Frenchman died in a tragic accident.


"Spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising, and more time working." (Telegraph;

The world’s richest woman, billionaire heiress Gina Rinehart offers practical advice to jealous poor people on how they can become super-rich too.


“The fame and the success was just a by-product mistake of doing something that I wanted to do. So many people now get involved because they solely want their face on a magazine, the champagne, the limousines, the models, the blowjobs in the booth.” (

Josh Wink discusses the changing lifestyle of superstar DJs.


“I’m not sure that using vinyl is allowing you to feel the timing better, because all the digital tools are allowing you to observe the waveform of tracks. Timing-wise, these tools are even better, because you don’t have to know all of your tracks so well, it’s easy to find the breakdown, and the next one and so on.” (Glissando, Poland:

Berghain DJ Nick Hoppner sees an upside of digital DJing.


“Our research proves that a music festival really isn’t the friendliest environment for a smartphone to be in, especially considering many of the latest models have a value of around GBP500 when you buy them SIM-free.” (

giffGaff brand boss Tom Rainsford commenting on research showing that 7% of lost mobile phones at festivals are ‘dropped down portaloos’ while one percent of festivalgoers are ‘even using their handset as a hammer for tent pegs.’


"Many people make money in Moscow, and many people spend money here, but there are very few people who smile at one another."  (Guardian:

Moscow city cultural chief Sergey Kapko explains what inspired him to renovate and radically improve the city’s newly hipster friendly Gorky Park.


“What people forget is that hardly anybody was listening to it in the '80s. For everybody who was digging Black Flag there were another 10,000 people who were more interested in the Eagles or Saturday Night Fever.” (;

Dead Kennedys visionary Jello Biafra looks back on the first era of punk.

Jonty Skrufff: