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Norman Nodge’s Berghain Business

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on September 14, 2012

Berghain long time resident DJ Norman Nodge is hosting a release party on November 10 at the Berlin tech/ house institution to promote his upcoming compilation Berghain 06.  

The part-time superstar DJ (by day he works as a neighbourhood lawyer in Prenzlauer Berg) chatted to Skrufff this week and recalled his debut at the club in 2005.

"I was booked to play a 4 hour warm up set which made things a little easier. I'd been to the club many times before so I'd seen how it worked which also helped. When I started the club was totally empty because I started as soon as it opened, so I could start in my own way. Which made things easy: people came and started dancing and I gradually built up the crowd. I felt great from the very first moment,” he recalled.

Playing monthly ever since, he’s seen the club remain at the top of the fiercely competitive Berlin nightlife scene, which he suggested is down to Berghain’s efficiency rather than door policy.

"It's so special because of the combination of many factors- it's a great venue, with a great PA, run by a great organisation,” said Norman.

“I played at parties back in the day where the promoter would say beforehand 'OK, you'll get this much money' then after it they'd say 'we had to rent some equipment so we can only pay you less money'. 

You never have these kind of discussions when you play Berghain, you shake hands then everything happens exactly correctly. It's really German actually.

And of course the door policy and the crowd is important,” he conceded, But if not so many people wanted to come in then you couldn't afford to be so choosy on the door,” he added.

Norman next spins at Berghain on Saturday 22 (alongside Chris Liebing, Dark Esser and MMM) then on Saturday November 6 for the Berghain 6 official release party.

NORMAN NODGE - BERGHAIN 06  (including tracks from Mark Broom, DJ T, Jeff Mills and Radioactive Man) is out on Ostgut Ton in October.

Jonty Skrufff: