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Barefoot Doc’s Big Om Relocates From Wembley

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on October 15, 2012

Barefoot Doctor’s Wembley dream appeared over this week, after financial backers pulled the plug on the Taoism flavoured dance party that had been scheduled for December 12.

“Without any preamble but with great sadness of my own and on behalf of the team of fabulous people who’ve been working with me flat out for months to make this happen, I regret to let you know that after 11 months of the most suspenseful journey and immensely hard work The Big Om is no longer happening at Wembley on 12.12.12,” Barefoot announced.

“Due to worsening economic conditions the finance fell down at the very last nanosecond and we’ve had to pull it,” the Skrufff contributor continued.

“However, we’ll be doing something spectacular and a little more intimate on 12.12.12 and I’ll let you know about that as soon as it’s sorted,” he promised.

“As I will regards a run of Big OM events in 2013 currently being organized with a big promoter. So hold the faith – The Big Om has a spirit of its own and is very much alive.”

Jonty Skrufff: