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Martin Dawson R.I.P.

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on November 15, 2012

Acclaimed tech-house producer Martin Dawson died this week, 12 days after collapsing in his Berlin studio. Resident Advisor said the British expatriate was found on the floor of his studio after suffering an aneurysm in his brain.

Hundreds of fans and friends paid tribute via Facebook and Twitter including his close collaborators Catz N Dogz.

“We are still in big shock and actually there are no words that can explain what we feel now,” they wrote on Facebook.

“Martin Dawson was one of the most important people we’ve ever met. If you have ever talked with Martin… you know….it’s very rare to meet somebody so honest, nice to other people and careful.”

Their words struck a chord with Martin’s own thoughts in his biography of his previous musical incarnation King Roc (2004-2007) in which he mused about his philosophy of life concluding ‘. the journey, always, as important as the destination…’

“Day-by-day, we live in patterns, structured and repetitive. But it is often the random event within a cycle that has the greatest affect on our lives. This can come from meeting a person who ends up having a big influence on your life, to the personal experiences we have that inspire us and which drive us to create.

“Does everything that has happened to get us to this point depend purely on the fluke and coincidence? From the monumental creation of the universe and our planet, to a smaller but equally important event – how our parents met. Or is there some sort of pattern for it all? Do we believe in fate and destiny? Or is it really just because of chance events that anything is here at all? So we wonder…”

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