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Guest Reviewer: Andrea Bertolini

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on December 12, 2012

Trackitdown has been proud to support Andrea Bertolini over the last few years and his amazing progressive tracks have consistently blown us away. This week he delivers an artist album for our favourite label Iboga and boy is it something very special indeed! Check out these words then make sure you support his album straight away...

Hi Andrea, please can you tell us where we find you and what you have been doing this last week? 

Sure, I’m currently locked away in the studio working on various projects of my own and with others like Boosta and Motel Connection. Motel Connection are a popular Indie/Electronic band in Italy, I’ve been producing their album for Sony Music which is pretty huge for us all really.

You’re releasing your second artist album 'Ready For Another Night' on Iboga Records, please can you tell us the idea behind the album and how you approached its creation? 

I’m well known for progressive, I wanted to put this album together for the people that follow me and enjoy that sound. Also, I have a lot of releases under my belt but this is only my second ever ‘personal’ album so it’s another milestone I guess.

What is the standout track on this release for you and why? 

‘Headed In Crimea’ is pretty cool. It picked up a lot of support on the promos, I know Tomcraft dropped it in his November Mix as well which was nice to see! I’m happy with all the tracks though, they were all put together with same effort.

Having worked on many labels over the years, why did you feel Iboga was the best for this release?

They do a great job, I respect the label/team and enjoy the tracks that come out of it so it felt like the right place to release ‘Ready For Another Night’. Also, I don’t tend to work with loads of different labels nowadays and invest a lot of time getting the music I produce right, so it’s important to release the work on a like-minded and established labels like Iboga!

Where in the world are the key hotspots for the Progressive sound you create and play? 

I get out to Brazil, Mexico and Russia a lot when I’m not in the studio! I play out in Italy as well, toured India this year...all over really!

Please can you explain your studio set up? 

Sure, I use Logic Audio running on my iMac 27 inc, Focusrite Saffire sound card, 2 TL Audio Valve Compressor, SCI Pro One, Korg Poly 800, Novation Bass Station, few stomps from Boss...

What is your 'go-to' synth - the synth you always use when you need that special something?

I use loads of Logic native plugins and third parts such as Sylenth, U-he Diva, G Force Minimonsta.

What is your advice to new producers starting out in this industry? 

Sounds cliché but...find your own style and master it. There are far too many similar productions out there.

This album has drawn support from a wide range of scenes, does this surprise you or did you set out to appeal to a wide audience?

Yeah it has and I’m thankful for that. I try to be quite diverse, when I’m writing music I’m generally focused on the reaction it will get while I’m on tour, you always want big moments/reactions when you’re playing out, so if it appeals to other artists it probably means they picked up on this.

Tell us one thing you would be doing now if music was not your business?

Urrrm I don’t know...I’d probably get a bit more sleep!

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