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Bite-Sized Tips From The Top - Sub Focus, Groove Armada & Noisia

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on February 1, 2013

Edition 7 of Bite-Sized Tips From The Top has landed. With production tips, essential tour items and more! With tips from Sub Focus, Rockwell, Groove Armada, Noisia, Sean Tyas & Stefano Noferini. 

Production powerhouse SUB FOCUS gives us a rundown on how to get such a high level of production:

In terms of getting a nice mix down I have a few good tips: Sound selection is very important - in order to have a polished sounding track you need the best sounds to start with - this makes mixdown a lot easier. When I test a track and it doesn't work right sometimes its just a case of changing the drum hits rather than tweaking the ones already there. Also really knowing your monitors and room really well are important- when you have a good sounding room  it makes everything easier.

Notching releases on D&B's top labels ROCKWELL shares his preferred setup in the studio:

My studio set up is pretty boring to be honest. I have a quad core iMac i5, Mackie HR824 MK1s, MOTU 828 MK2 and a DBX 266XL compressor. Oh and my Access Virus Snow which I absolutely adore!

I’m less of a gear head and more of the mind that it's 'what you do with what you have, than what you made it on' which is important. I see producers on the internet obsessing over reverbs that people used on seminal tunes back in the day but its all greek to me to be honest. I learned how to produce in the digital age and any foray into hardware has always resulted in things taking ten times longer than if I’d just done it all in the box. Maybe things will change in the future!   

Dutch bass heavy music trio NOISIA tell us the most vital thing they need when performing:

Earplugs! Many people have no idea how much potentially damaging sound they’re exposed to in their daily life.

Chart toppers GROOVE ARMADA explain how they know when they've had a good performance:

If people don’t have the night of their lives,  you’ve failed!

Pioneer of the international house scene STEFANO NOFERINI gives a peek into his studio setup:

A Mac Pro, Ensemble (Apogee), Sylenth1 and Logic Pro and one other thing that you can't buy anywhere… creativity.  Music culture and passion, this is not hardware or software.

New York native SEAN TYAS tells us what he wish he knew at the start of his career:

How to sidechain compress properly ;)

Label: Nutty Traxx
Genre: Sample Packs (Hardcore, Hard House, Hardstyle)
Release Date: 2013-01-23
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