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Introducing the TID Pro Team; Aka Carl

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on February 8, 2013 fans will be well aware of the savings that professional DJs are making every week as TID Pro members. To celebrate the continued success of this fast growing membership for music maniacs we are very proud to announce the formation of our TID Pro Team!

This collection of highly respected DJs and producers from all club and rave styles will help us continue to innovate and fine tune our service and we are more than proud to introduce them to you all...

Artist name: Aka Carl

How long have you been in the business? 

11 Years now. At first I was just playing Trance & Techno then I went on a music course in LIPA, this started me on the path of making my own tracks and in turn start up my own label. 

What is your career highlight to date?

I couldn't say just one really, over all it’s been really good to meet, work & befriend some of the artists that originally got me into Techno. 

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve played to?

Im not 100% sure, I think it might be woodshock festival in Slovenia. 

What’s been your personal favourite remix or production that you’ve made?

I made a track with Kev D called Breaking Out Of The Box its released soon on SUB CULT. I really like mixing with this one and it always gets a good response.  

Where has the maddest crowds when you’ve toured?

Slovenia by far. …There’s always a positive vibe, good people that want to party and do stupid things!

Who would be your dream collaborator?

Mauro Piccotto from 2004 if time travel was possible that is.  

Which act do you think we should watch in 2013?

Rapunzel some people know her by Daniela Haverbeck. Her tracks always have a good vibe to them and get a good response within my promo pool. I have a few good things planned with her over the coming months through SUB CULT so keep an eye out. 

What one piece of advice would you give a young DJ producer reading this?

Get a real Job!! Don't expect us to look after your dog when you cant even provide bread for your sister and cousin who arrived by boat. If this sounds like a load of rubbish to you, carry on as you are!  


Never do it just for the money and always help someone out if you can.  

What do you like best about

Things like higher quality clips, being able to listen to the whole track. You could see the waveform on Trackitdown before any of the other stores… The focus seems to be on quality & experience rather than what’s the least I can get away with and still make money. 

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