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Introducing the TID Pro Team; Methodus

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on February 8, 2013 fans will be well aware of the savings that professional DJs are making every week as TID Pro members. To celebrate the continued success of this fast growing membership for music maniacs we are very proud to announce the formation of our TID Pro Team!

This collection of highly respected DJs and producers from all club and rave styles will help us continue to innovate and fine tune our service and we are more than proud to introduce them to you all...

Artist name: Methodus

How long have you been in the business:

I've been involved with electronic music since 1999, and really cut my teeth in the industry about 2002 when I had, what I felt, the skill to go out and look to get booked. I worked my way up the ranks in a very competitive scene in Miami and have since been able to tour the country, manage a successful record label and hold down a weekly radio show on the mighty for nearly 7 years now.

What is your career highlight to date?

Always a tough question, I would have to say my career highlight would be the amazing people I've met, worked with and built bonds with over the years. Getting a chance to develop relationships with some the industry pioneers, legends and hardest working guys, the community that we've built is so special and the people I work with have become family to me. From my record label, to the radio station, and the DJs and fans I've met along the way, it's been an amazing ride so far and looking forward to the next adventure.

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve played to?

Some of the biggest crowds I've played for are easily the thousands that flock to the Miami Winter Music Conference each year. The productions I've been lucky enough to be a part of are staples in the WMC circuit and always draw a massive audience. I've also been fortunate to play for some large scale crowds in places like New York and San Francisco respectively, they know how to get down too!

What’s been your personal favourite remix or production that you’ve made?

Being a focused DJ my entire career, I've churned out a ton of studio mixes over the years. I'm most proud of my seasonal DJ mix series, which has now been going strong since 2007. I try and hit every season with a new mix, fitting each tracklist to the vibe of that particular season, they've gone over quite well! You can find my 2012 series up on my Soundcloud ( ) page now, with a fresh batch of mixes coming this year. I'm also, finally, trying my hand at production, working with so many great artists, some of them have been kind enough to lend a hand at getting me started and continue to grow with my passion, so be on the lookout for something from me and members of my crew real soon! 

Where has the maddest crowds been when you’ve toured?

I've really enjoyed playing for people in San Francisco and New York, hey really have an appreciation for the music and get deep into it. But honestly, the maddest crowds would have to be right here in my home of Florida. Miami fans have amazing energy and will dance all night with a real knowledge of the music, and Orlando is no slouch either, let me tell you! A few years back I teamed up with my pal somejerk from Miami and we played a weekly in Orlando called Takeovr, it was a Tuesday night and the place was rammed from front to back, easily 1200 ravers going absolutely mental, surreal stuff!

Who would be your dream collaborator?

That's another super tough question, impossible to pick only one! Just to be a fly on the wall in the studio with Spectrasoul, dBridge or Calibre would be more than sufficient. It would be a dream for them to lend their hand or opinion on anything I've done professionally, total legends. Of course I also aspire to one day collab with any of my label artists and release music on my own imprint, Rubik Records.

Which act do you think we should watch in 2013?

Disclosure. Period. You can't look past the insane vibes these guys create and how they deliver their sound. I'm a big fan and they're on the verge of becoming a giant in the industry. If you don't now about them, get to know.

What one piece of advice would you give a young DJ producer reading this?

Stay relevant, stay focused, keep out of scene politics, make sure to find your own unique sound and let your music and skill speak for you. 

What do you like best about

I love the features, reviews, and overall layout of TID. It's easy on the eyes, there is loads of useful info on the site, and the TID Pro option is something any music lover or working DJ should be taking advantage of. Overall a great site to use, ran by folks who are passionate about what they do.

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