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Introducing the TID Pro Team; Guau

Reported by Joshua [Trackitdown] on February 13, 2013 fans will be well aware of the savings that professional DJs are making every week as TID Pro members. To celebrate the continued success of this fast growing membership for music maniacs we are very proud to announce the formation of our TID Pro Team!

This collection of highly respected DJs and producers from all club and rave styles will help us continue to innovate and fine tune our service and we are more than proud to introduce them to you all...

Artist name: Guau

How long have you been in the business?

I began djing in 1999, and my first attempt to make some music was in 2002, but I took it seriously over 2004, and in 2009 I co-founded Elektroshok Records

What is your career highlight to date?

I have some moments:

The launch of the Pink Panther remix on Cut & Run records (My first release), The "weird day guau remix" viral video (more than 4m views and rising), collaborations with some of the BEST Breaks labels (Elektroshok, Pooty Club, Diablo Loco, Scarcity, Distorsion, Rune, etc...) 

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve played to?

It was in one edition of the "Summer Festival" in Spain. They were over 2000 people in front of me ...

What’s been your personal favourite remix or production that you’ve made?

There are some tracks that they are essentials to know my music: Swimming on fire, My remix for Kid Panel & Hanzee - Pumpin, Cyclocosmia, etc ... and, of course, all the unreleased songs that they are coming out in the next months

Where has the maddest crowds when you’ve toured?

It was in my hometown, around 2005, I was playing alone for 10 hours and the people wanted more and more! 

Who would be your dream collaborator?

Plump djs, Stanton warriors, or both :)

Which act do you think we should watch in 2013?

I can´t highlight any act right now , because I don´t know exactly where I am going to play along this year, but I think that some big festival here in Spain would be a good place to be for all the Breakbeat lovers

What one piece of advice would you give a young DJ producer reading this?

Believe in your sound

What do you like best about

The "Full song" preview, the prices, the TID pro, and the "Merchandise" zone

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