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Meet the TID Pro team

Reported by Ed Real on February 13, 2013 fans will be well aware of the savings that professional DJs are making every week as TID Pro members. To celebrate the continued success of this fast growing membership for music maniacs we are very proud to announce the formation of our TID Pro Team!

This collection of highly respected DJs and producers from all club and rave styles will help us continue to innovate and fine tune our service and we are more than proud to introduce them to you all...

We've grabbed 5 minutes with each of these exciting acts so you can get to know more about them;

601 - Read Interview Here

Aka Carl - Read interview here

Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N. - Read interview here

Argy - Real Interview Here

Baramuda - Read Interview Here

Blutonium Boy - Read Interview Here

Cutline - Read interview here

DJ PP - Read interview here

Fracus & Darwin - Read Interview here

Guau - Read Interview Here

Jordan Suckley - Read Interview Here

Levela - Read Interview Here

Marco Lys - Read Interview Here

Mark Rey - Read Interview Here

Mark Sherry - Read Interview Here

Methodus - Read interview here

Michael Hooker - Read Interview Here

Mihalis Safras - Read Interview Here

Monk3ylogic - Read Interview here

Northern Lights - Read interview here

RadioKillaz - Read interview here

Refracture - Read Interview Here

Six Blade - Read Interview here

Skymate - Read interview here

State Of Mind - Read Interview Here

Thera - Read Interview Here

Wideboys - Read Interview Here

Over the coming weeks our crack team of advocates will grow to help us spread the word about TID Pro.

What is TID Pro?

Right now 1,000 professional DJs are saving serious money when they download their new music from but unlike sales on other stores, the record labels and artists get their full royalty!

TID Pro members pay just £10 per month to be a member and then they download their new music at cost price; £0.99 wav & £0.79 320MP3

DJs who spend more than £7 a week on legal music start to save so what are you waiting for!?

Join us today and save;