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Afrojack - "Some people aren't going to understand my new album"

Reported by Miguel_Estevez on May 15, 2014

With AfroJacks album out on May 19th, Mixmag caught up with him in London, Soho last night to discuss his work and hear him play some bangers!Afrojack discussed his forthcoming album & specifically discussed his urge to ensure he creates music that isnt commercially pleasing, but music that denotes a more personal touch.

“I wanted to do something that I have never done before and that no one else has really tried. Everyone else has done their own kind of EDM album but I wanted to try a couple of things to make it more of a personal experience."

Its always good to hear artists are looking at personalising their work; regarding it as an art form as opposed to a money making, crowd pleasing outlet..Although he won't be producing big room-esc tracks for his album, he has mentioned created edit of his tracks to get that hard hitting effect in festival environments.... 

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