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Reported by Miguel_Estevez on September 3, 2014

From October 2014 you will be able to purchase Pioneer's new DDJ-WEGO3 at £249!

This new piece of tech allows DJ's to select tunes from their playlist on platforms such as: Spotify, iTunes, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

The forward thinking move demostrates yet another leap in tech advancements by providing more facilities to help begginners. The DDJ-WeGO3 is beginner-friendly complete with pulse-lights to help guide through the performance.

Its versatility is highlighted as you can use various DJ softwares with the WeGO3 including Djay and Djay 2, Serato DJ Intro, Traktor Pro 2 and VirtualDJ. Additionally, it also combines Jog FX which allows you to control multiple effects on the Jog wheel.

Available in either black or white, the software couldn't be more accomodating as it also charges your iPod etc if its plugged in. 

Is this another piece of equiptment spawning autosync DJ's & paving way for a clustered market of bedroom DJ's?

Have a look for yourselves here: