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Plastic People Closes its doors

Reported by Miguel_Estevez on January 5, 2015

If there is one thing certain about 2015 it's that we need to do our best to retain the clubs which contribute so much to the UK's club culture, no matter how big or small. 

Without much reason, Plastic People have confirmed that they will not be opening their doors this year. As one of the most influential venues of London from the past decade under no current threats for closure, it comes to no surprise that this news has shocked all of those who hold the club in high regard.

Plastic People was home to the legendary dubstep night FWD, Floating Points' Melodie night, Theo Parish's residency & much much more. The philosophy was all about the music whether established or new. 

Club manager Charlotte Kepel didn't divolge too much other than that "it felt right to move on". It is now January & so it's time to reflect ont he good times which have come from this venture & look into ways that we can all be a part of bringing new magic to the capital.

Without a doubt a special place. Does anyone remember when they had no lighting & all there was was candles?With that, we leave you with THUMP's view on tit's closure & their inspiring words, urging Londoner's to all do your part for the future!We obviously agree!