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Exclusive Interview: Greenhaven DJ's

Reported by Dan Admin on July 31, 2015

Trackitdown recently spoke to a duo making big waves in the Trance scene at the moment.. Greenhaven DJs from New York!

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us at Trackitdown! You have both had a great deal of success recently with Cosmic Gate featuring your remix of their track 'Shine' with Alexander Popov & Jannika on their new album Start To Feel and Paul Oakenfold releasing your track 'Portal' on Perfecto Black with support from Cosmic Gate, Paul Oakenfold, Greg Downey, Daniel Ercole and others. Congratulations!

Nick: Thank you very much!

Trevor: Thank you for having us!

How long have you been making music together and how do you feel about your recent achievements within the industry?

Nick: We completed our first track “Sound Road” in 2009 which remains unreleased, after working on it here and there for about a year. Ever since we finished it we have been working hard to bring our future work to a better technical level. We don’t take any of our recent achievements for granted. We know there are many artists out there working very hard, and we thank them for inspiring us.

Trevor: I agree. We're humbled by our recent achievements and the support we've garnered, but we realize there is still a lot of to work to be done. It's important to look back on your achievements, but it's equally important to understand what worked and what didn't. I think that's why we work well together.

You both grew up and still live in New York City, what affect do you think this has had on you as artists and how did it influence the music you make today?

Nick: New York has a very cutthroat, bustling, and ultimately money driven nightlife scene. As artists passionate about music it can be very cold and disheartening. We think at the same time it has been a blessing. The lack of community in NYC has driven us to discover techniques on our own, and brought us a strong sense of self-fulfillment at every step. 

Trevor: We actually grew up in the suburbs of New York before moving to NYC. There was a very small community of people that listened to electronic music which forced us to discover music on our own. As Nick alluded to, the scene in New York isn't necessarily healthy for certain artists, there is a tendency for exclusion but it helped us grow stronger as a unit. 

Which artists from your youth or more recently would you say have had the biggest influence on you?  

Nick: We actually refer to a specific time period where a lot of artists were producing in a similar style we liked a lot. 2008-2010 artists like Marcus Schossow, Sander van Doorn, Heatbeat, and Re-ward (just to name a few) were putting out incredibly creative work.  

Trevor: I can't deny that. Guys like Re-ward, Marcus Schossow and SVD at that time were taking creativity to a new level; we were blown away. Rex Mundi and Cosmic Gate continue to stay relevant in our repertoire of influencers. 

If you could work with any artist who would it be? 

Nick: Despite just doing a remix for them, we would love the opportunity to sit down with Cosmic Gate in the studio. 

Trevor: Yes, hands down Cosmic Gate. 

Do you have any releases, tour dates or other exciting news you would like to share with the Trackitdown readers? 

Nick: We have just finished a remix for Pablo Artigas which will be coming out next month, as well as a special guest mix for Perfecto Black’s next radio show.  

Trevor: We're stoked about this remix for Pablo Artigas, he's also a great guy and a local in the NY scene! 

What are your aspirations for the future and what place or venue would you most like to play? 

Nick: We would like to continue to improve the technical aspects of our productions while maintaining a level of creative uniqueness. In every production we make it a point to showcase at least one new technique we’ve learned. Another thing would be to gain more exposure outside of New York. Locally we would love to have the opportunity to play the Pacha main room for a headlining set, and Ministry of Sound in the UK has always been a dream for us. 

Trevor: Yes, reaching new technical feats in our productions is always an important goal for us. Being unique is a whole other beast. Ultimately we want to make music that we like and enjoy and if we're lucky others can enjoy it too. South America would be a great place to tour, also Nick lived in Caracas and that was also the name of one our first tracks.  

From an artist’s perspective, what do you like most about and do you feel we are a valuable outlet for new artists? 

Nick: We love the look and feel of Trackitdown, as well as the speed of the site. Probably the best feature though is the way full track previews are implemented. That is invaluable to us as so many other music stores only offer short previews. Then you buy the track and the rest of it sounds nothing like you thought it would.   

Trevor: I agree the way full track previews are implemented is extremely valuable for DJs and fans. The site is clean, fast and responsive, and thats important for us when browsing for new artists. 

Finally, what is the most Rock n' Roll thing to happen to you on your travels as DJ’s? 

Nick: Probably meeting Paul Oakenfold for the first time during our DJ set at Cielo. We had no idea he was going to be there. Suddenly Trevor tapped me on the shoulder and I turn to my left and my eyes widened. He was just there to enjoy the music! The fact that Paul kept in touch with us after that is a big part of why we are where we are right now.  

Trevor: That definitely caught us off guard (in a good way). We had just finished a mix and we turned around there he was, the legend himself Paul Oakenfold. The booth was pretty tight so we were lucky enough to have a quick conversation with him. We are extremely grateful that he kept in touch with us.