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Exclusive SW4 Interview: Wilkinson

Reported by Nick Trackitdown on August 23, 2016

Just shy of this weekend's almighty South West Four Festival in London, we caught up with D&B heavyweight Wilkinson for a quick summer recap and chat about what is in store for the RAM records / Trackitdown arena this Saturday on Clapham Common. 

Hello Mark! Whereabouts in the world are you right now? and how is life treating you?

I’m back in London on my way to rehearsals with the band, catching up on a back log of emails and admin! Things are very hectic at the moment with all the festivals and finishing my album. 

Your latest single ‘What’ released on RAM records came out last month. What has the response to the track been like so far? Has it gone down well when played live?

The response has been amazing! I really wanted to throw something harder out there and give people a teaser from the album. It goes down so well on the dance floor. There’s been a lot of love from my older fans that have followed me from the Moonwalker days. It definitely surprised a few people who only know me for my softer vocal tracks. It’s definitely a highlight of the live set at the moment.

At the end of this month you will appearing at the sensational South West Four Festival on Clapham common, what delights are incoming for the RAM records / Trackitdown arena? 

Same as always really, lots of new tunes and an energetic set with Ad-Apt. I always love playing SW4! 

Talking about festivals… are you a fan of playing them more so than regular club gigs? 

I love playing festivals or doing my own tours throughout the UK. Festivals are magical and introduce your music to so many new people. it always amazes me being able to sell out venues that I’d always dreamed of playing in and filling them with people who are solely there to hear my music!

What is coming up in the studio currently, any exciting projects to tell us about ? 

I’m working on my album, just finishing it up in fact. I’m also working on some album projects with other artists which is exciting.

I am currently penning these questions here in sunny Ibiza. Has the island been treating you well this year? and how have your Together shows at Amnesia been going ? 

Yes always! Together at Amnesia is such a mad night. It’s definitely the one to go to if you get a bit tired of house. Ibiza is a very special place and it feels like my second home at the moment.

You also played Ibiza Rocks recently which is a totally different vibe to Amnesia. What was that like?

Ibiza Rocks is amazing! It feels like a very UK sound and its not just DJ’s. They’ve got a stacked line up this summer and its always special playing on an outdoor staging inside the hotel and looking around at people raving on there balconies.

With such a hectic tour diary like the one you have had recently, finding down time and ways to clear your head is vital to staying sane in this industry as much documented online recently. How do you find ways to do this and do you have favourite places to go/things to do that keep you motivated?

I’ve found it pretty tough the last few years. Especially with the demand of writing new music and  doing 10 + shows a month. I’ve had to cancel a couple of tours in the U.S as a result of the summer touring schedules. I have to be rested to be creative. When I’m in need of Zen time I always head to the country side, I keep it UK as flying feels like work to me now. Hidden log cabins in the middle of  nowhere is definitely my thing!

What does the Wilkinson studio currently look like? Any new bits of kit or software that you’d care to give our aspiring producer-readers a heads up on ?  

It’s just been rebuilt and I’m currently moving stuff into it. Mainly Novation and Focusrite hardware/keyboards and I pretty much record all my synths in the laptop as I’m traveling so much.

Finally…Once festival season and Ibiza season is over, what’s in store for you as the autumn and winter months kick in?

I’ve still got plenty of shows in the Autumn but I’ve got to finish my album and then I’m heading out to  Australia, New Zealand and Bali to bring in the New Year! And hopefully fit in some zen time in between.

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