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Interview: Ayman Awad - #BURNresidency Grand Finalist

Reported by Nick Trackitdown on August 25, 2016

After having entered the #BURNResidency competition five years in a row, we focus our spotlight on finalist Ayman Awad. Originally born in Egypt, the Austrian based DJ has been enjoying his 10 week residency in Ibiza.

Ayman started DJing nearly 22 years ago, and following his success in the Austrian #BURNResidency finals we caught up with him to find out where it all started how he feels about the competition and who his inspirations are.

How did you first get into DJing and when did you realise you wanted to be a professional?

I first got into DJing in 1994, and realised that I wanted to be professional DJ back in 1997 when I bought my first DJ magazine, where Carl Cox listed as the No. 1 in the world.

What do you do outside of DJing?

I work with a lot of refugees from Arabic countries who come to Austria. I understand their culture and speak Arabic because I was born in Egypt. I translate for them, and help them to get settled in Austria while assisting the charity Red Cross and Police. Six months before coming to Ibiza, I was responsible for 80 refugees across two camps. 

Can you describe your journey through the #BURNResidency competition?

So many amazing things have happened in the last 5 weeks during BURN residency. During the first 3 weeks I spoke to the biggest names in the Electronic music industry; DJs, producers, club owners, managers and more.

In our lectures and master classes, which we usually have 3 times a day, we gained so much vital information. We had lectures from John Digweed, Carl Cox, Miguel Campbell, Jamal Edwards, Uner, Nick Curly, Darius Syrossian, Tony Andrew, Yann Pissenem, David Vincent and many more.

When they announced I was a finalist, my dreams came true. I got to play Café Mambo, which has one of the most amazing sunsets in the world. I also DJ’d at Savannah, Sankeys and Privilege. 

How does it feel to reach the #BurnResidency finals in Ibiza?

It’s a great feeling. I have entered the competition 5 years in a row, so I’m glad I’ve finally made it to Ibiza to take part in the BURN Residency final! 

What would you say was your greatest strength as a DJ?

I think that I can read a crowd well, and I bring good vibes to every party when I play.

Which musicians inspired you when you were growing up?

Robert Miles

Who would be your dream b2b partner?

This is not easy to answer as I want to b2b with a lot of different DJs, but I’d love to go B2B with Carl Cox or Uner.

If you could be a resident in any club in the world, which would it be?

Space, Amnesia, Ushuaia or Destino.

Which up-and-coming DJs and producers are you feeling at the moment?

Uner, Dosem, Dennis Cruz, Nick Curly, Musumeci 

If your house was on fire, which five records would you save?

Faithless – I can’t get no sleep (Insomnia)

Daft Punk – Around the world

Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade

Robert Miles - Children 

Afro Medusa – Pasilda