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Exclusive DJ Awards Interview: Darius Syrossian

Reported by MattTID on October 13, 2016

We sent Joost "Toast" Veerman to interview Darius Syrossian at this year's DJ Awards at Pacha, Ibiza.

We started a little later with the interview as planned, with an "unofficial" talk at the bar. Being a Persian Techno prince his name is pronounced as ‘Dariuusjh’.. we shared the same love for the margarita cocktail, which wasn’t an option to drink unfortunately.

Congrats with the nomination! How are you feeling?

Thanks, feeling good. You know I’ve been quite public about saying I'm not the biggest fan of DJ Awards, but it would be an insult not being grateful. This one is actually the better one since it’s done properly and it’s a public vote. The ones that aren’t public are manufactured in my point of view. However, it’s great to finally be part of it when you look at the other candidates but I am not the guy who goes around shouting, vote for me.

Let's start with your part in the Space Ibiza closing last night. Can you tell us about something about the night?

I can’t put it into words, before a gig I never get nervous..ever, not even for the big festivals, but last night before we went, I said to my girlfriend “I am actually a bit nervous”. It’s a good thing because I wanted to play a set that Space deserves for the ‘send off’. I could have gone up there and play upcoming tracks of myself or new house tracks, but I decided to go for the special ones. There was so much love and emotion in the night. I played Underworld – Dark & Long, and I’ve never played this track in a club ever! At that moment big flags came up and waved at the same time. It gave me goosebumps all over, it was quite an emotional experience.

Yesterday you played a few old ‘Trance’ records. Was this a special Space thing or do you think the old classics are still of this age or ready for a revival?

How I see it is, there is good music and bad music. So if you would say trance for example is back, people will be going to play it just for the sake of playing it. For me when trance happened 90% of it was terrible music, but with a few absolute classics. Like ‘Cafe Del Mar’ which means a lot for Space, so it just had to be played. I had to create it with my own beat shift to make it fit in my set, but it worked out and obviously trance is an absolute thing of it’s own. Not like house and techno could be under one umbrella, or techno and disco, which I think, that will be making a comeback. You know, with what Floorplan and Robert Hood do, that could work and I respect DJ’s who play multiple genres into one set!

[Excuses himself and picks up the phone, Darius is a wanted man I could see] Do Not Sleep had its residency at Space this year. What has been the most memorable about the whole experience?

There was a lot of change! The venue changed from Sankeys to Space and the residents changed. This years residents were Hector Couto, Nathan Boratoand Nik Curly, they were in rotation with Alan Fitzpatrick. As the summer evolved the nights were getting better and better and then the closing was just unreal! Playing four b2b set with Anja Schneider, Hector, Nathan, Leon from Italy. I played 6 hours and it felt like 10 minutes with the last three tracks seeing everybody hugging in the crowd at Space, it was magic.

Pacha - DJ Awards 2016 - Julius Jooste - Best of

With the closing of Space, where will Do Not Sleep go in 2017?

We have to find a home but the thing is, as I said last year, we did one at Space, one at Amnesia and Privilege. Do Not Sleep is more like a nomadic concept, it can be anywhere. A lot of parties are bound to a certain venue, for example you cannot see Circoloco loose from DC10 and Carl Cox's Revolution outside of Space. DNS is more about the kind of music we do and the vibe we bring and if we have a place, we just go!

Coming from Iran, have you seen the trailer of the upcoming documentary about the Iranian DJ’s who fled the country to follow their dream ‘Raving Iran’.

Actually I did, it’s a good reminder since, I have to come back to them, thanks! I think it’s great what they do! What a lot of people don’t know is that are some well known artists from Iran to be honest. Dubfire, for example was born there. I think there are eight or nine in the higher segment around, now living all over the world. I left Iran as a refugee when I was 12 as well, but the first time I heard electronic music was in Iran through my uncle, playing Eurythmics and New Order. When I came to England I got a cassette deck and played early house tracks and from there I went with my brother (who knew a few security guys at raves) to my first party in 1991. The Prodigy were on and I was instantly thinking, this is what I want to do! Back than we still had quite some racism in the UK, so the kids didn’t really want me there. Later I was voted for best British DJ as the winner, and when I came back home I realized that when I was a kid the same kids of that time didn’t want me there, and now the kids voted for me to be the best DJ in the country. That suddenly felt really good, so instead of reacting and going against all the racism, I turned it around and made the kids from this era happy. That was a good feeling.

So, is it possible to have the guys play at Do Not Sleep?

Obviously mate, I don’t see why not!

Living in Manchester (UK), what would it be a Pint or Hierbas?

Hahaa good one. Uhm, I prefer Hierbas from May till October and pints from October to May.

For more information and to keep up to date with Darius Syrossian check out his Facebook

Check out Darius's latest Do Not Sleep album here at Trackitdown. 

Label: Balance Music
Genre: Deep / Tech House
Release Date: 2016-07-29
MP3 320kbs$ 10.48
WAV$ 12.05

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