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Exclusive Interview: Indivision

Reported by Nick Trackitdown on October 13, 2016

Trackitdown's Frances Shillito caught up with Estonian D&B sensation Indivision for an end of summer catch up and to find out what tracks are featuring heavily for them right now and what they've been up to recently studio side! 

Hello! How are things in the world in the world of Indivision?

Brilliant, thank you! It’s so good to be back finally and getting things moving again. We have been very quiet the last the year or so and Indivision has gone through a bit of restructure and it’s taken some  time before it felt right and music started to come out again. Underneath it all there was still lots of tracks that weren’t released and equally lots of projects that just needed some final work polish before they were ready to go. Getting things moving took some time on personal level, but now were ready to come back full circle and the support from other producers in the scene despite the break has been fantastic and since then. In a short time we have released an EP and a remix and many more tracks are signed and waiting to be released. So things are looking good!

Last month saw the release of your remix with Alter Ego of Zebra Island ‘How Many Times’ on Formation records…what has the reaction from fans been like so far?

The track was released quite late this summer, it is a special track for us. The tune is actually a remix of the Estonian Eurovision song contest track. DJ SS from Formation records heard it and picked it up. It was released on Formation’s summer compilation a couple of weeks back. It received great feedback by fans, also Estonian media promoted it quite heavily and it was selected as a single of the week by Estonian national radio station – Raadio 2. It did better than we ever could’ve been expected!

August saw the return of a lot of music for you as you released your EP on Liquicity. What inspired you musically/melodically for this EP and go with releasing it on this label?

There’s no argument in our minds that the strongest track of the EP is ‘Time Traveler’. We started to create this track back in 2011, it got forgotten, then we found it again and made a new version of it. Jonny Rose wrote some incredible lyrics for the track which really drew inspiration for us in terms or writing the music and it just continued from there. ‘In vitro’ was born from that inspiration and then working together with Moleman on “Faceless” it came together perfectly. ‘Time Traveler’ is a track that we will stay always proud of and thanks to the support of Liquicity, who has really supported us in our return. It’s safe to say the whole EP will be something that we will always be proud of.

You have stated recently on your social media you have quite a lot of tracks that feature the word ‘Time’ in the title…is there a particular or interesting reason for this?

A fun fact to be honest, I just happened to notice it one day out of no where.  Time plays such an important role in all our lives, maybe that’s why ‘Time…’ is in our track titles. We could ask why Red Hot Chilli Peppers mentions ‘California’ in their tracks so often. To close this topic, we don’t think there’s an obvious reason at our end. :D

You have just announced you will be playing in Amsterdam at the Liquicity Winter Festival on December 30th… have you played at this festival before and what can the crowd expect from your show?

We haven’t played in The Netherlands to be honest. We know it's a massive drum & bass scene out there and we are really looking forward to it. There will be lots of new Indivision material and definitely some of the older tracks as well!

Talking of shows…do you have a favourite place in the world to play?

We have lots of good memories from gigs around Europe, but if we really have to name just one place, then it would probably be Belgium. The vibes, the crowd, the scene - it's just huge!

Any places/countries you have not yet played but are on your list to accomplish?

Sure! We would like to play outside of Europe. New Zealand, Australia, USA, Japan to name a few countries.

How do you get ready for a gig? What inspires you for each set?

Preparation for the gigs takes days, sometimes weeks. Listening to some old classics and new music helps to create ideas. We always try to find some new and unexpected double drop combos for every set to keep ourselves constantly out of the comfort zone. It's really fun to keep the crowd always guessing and see their surprised faces.

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What originally got you into playing DNB and made you want to become a DJ?

Kaarel: The moment I reached the legal age to enter the clubs - well, at least that's the official story - I started to go to basically every drum & bass party there was in my hometown. Watching the DJs do their magic and controlling the crowd was inspiring and at one moment I realized I also wanted to be that guy. It took lots of practice, but somehow I made it. Markus: one word: Pendulum!

Finally…what is in the pipeline over the next few months for Indivision? Any exciting news for the fans?

You can expect a single on Formation Records on wax! Also, Absys Records re-released our EP, definitely something to worth listening The big news is - drum rolls please… - we are now releasing our second album which we are officially mentioning in this interview for the first time! We don’t want to give away a lot at the moment, but there will be 12 fresh Indivision tracks coming along very soon and will be available on CD as well and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Check out what's on the USB of Indivision right now! 

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