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Elevated State - a new event concept for London!

Reported by Nick Trackitdown on January 5, 2017

For fans of multi-genre raves, this April should certainly appeal as Elevated State takes place over 3 rooms at the leading Fire & Lightbox complex in the heart of London. 

Fusing 3 brands, 6 promoters and no less than 50 years of event organising experience into this one monster event, London ravers really do have something to get excited about as the legendary Escape From Samsara returns to form alongside established rave champions I Love Hard Beats and newly found trance concept HTE. 

Expect lineup releases to be dropping soon via the relevant socials with key players across a myriad of sounds from techno to trance, psy trance to hard trance, hard dance to hardcore, freeform and beyond! 

Escape From Samsara have been a legendary party force in capital for what is now 21 years, throwing huge events at the Fridge, Heaven and Bagleys, to name a few! Promoter Tim Samsara is getting excited... 

"The Escape from Samsara crew have really missed putting on parties since their last events with Pendragon at the Coronet. Following a chance meeting in a country pub with the ILHB crew, a plan was formed to start a new event that would cross a multitude of musical genres and bring some really awesome parties back to London. The Samsara sound has changed slightly to incorporate more of a psychedelic techno vibe but don't fret your hands will still be high in the air. Elevated State is about bringing three party crews together to produce a totally awesome event. This is going to rock party people" 

One of I Love Hard Beats promoters Mike Smythy had this to say: 

"For years ILHB have been trying to carve out a unique and eclectic vibe in London to help fill the void that Freeformation left behind. Having ran many events now we feel that we have achieved that. Working with the prolific Escape From Samsara and the newly formed HTE brand is, we feel, the next step in furthering the unique rave experience for our awesome followers. Elevated State is the future of rave in the UK for sure"

Escape From Samsara, I Love Hard Beats and Hard Trance Europe

@ Fire & Lightbox Complex, Vauxhall, London 

Friday 28th April 2017 / 11pm - 7am 

Full lineup: 

Transcend LIVE / Tim Samsara / ThermoBee / Solution / Sneijder / S.H.O.K.K / Scot Project / Scott Brown / Rob Tissera / Phutek / Nick235 / Nick The Kid / Mark Sinclair / Laith / Kevin Energy LIVE Feat Jasmine Knight / K90 / Ed Lynam / Deegan & Smythy / Cyrax / Chicago Loop / Beamish / Arkitech & Peaks / Amber D & Guyver / Alex Prospect / A.B & Finnbarr

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Label: Trackitdown Bundles
Genre: Techno
Release Date: 2017-01-26
MP3 320kbs$ 13.94
WAV$ 16.03

Label: Trackitdown Bundles
Genre: Trance (Acid, German Trance, Hard, Tech, Uplifting)
Release Date: 2017-01-26
MP3 320kbs$ 22.31
WAV$ 25.66

Label: Trackitdown Bundles
Genre: Hardcore
Release Date: 2017-01-26
MP3 320kbs$ 16.73
WAV$ 19.24

I Love Hard Beatsf

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