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Exclusive Interview: HP Source

Reported by Nick Trackitdown on June 23, 2017

HP Source are a name that are on everyone's lips right now, with their energetic tech flavours that seem to effortlessly cross-over into trance and techno playlists alike. These super-fun guys from Adelaide, Australia are hitting UK shores this summer for a series of debut gigs, so we thought it was a prime time to have a few quick words with this exciting duo!

Hey guys, how are you? What has been happening for you over the last few days? 

What haven’t we been doing? Haha! We’re finalizing a lot of things before we head across the pond for our European tour, which we’re very excited about.

Being a duo, where did it all begin for you both? and what made you decide to embark upon things in a more cohesive manner? 

We both had our own set of strengths and weaknesses when working by ourselves. But when we combined forces, where one lacked, the other made up for. Whether skills, ideas or opinions, we are like Yin and Yang. We balance each other out, while combining our strengths, to become HP Source

I have to ask, why HP Source? Brown or Red? 

Gotta be both – can’t get one without the other!

We came up with the name a number of years ago when we first tried making tracks together. The name stuck, and it never lost its charm after all this time haha

Your productions have been picking up a lot of support and signings from both the trance community and the techno scene out there. When you first began carving out your productions, were you aiming anywhere in particular? 

When we first started, we tried making anything and everything. We just love making music. It was all about just having fun. It didn’t matter if nothing was getting signed or supported, we just enjoy the process of creating together. Then one day, we found a sound that not only came to us naturally, but started gaining support from others. The more we continued down this path, the more right everything felt. And now, here we are 

Who and what were your main influences from over the years? 

Sebastien Leger was a huge influence – from around 2010 when he started moving away from his progressive sound and more into groovy techno. More recently, Darmec was one of the guys that got us into the harder side of techno. We’ve both always been into trance, and played at many shows earlier on while solo. You can hear all these influences playing a part in our own brand of techno.

You are both from Adelaide, what is the scene like there at present? is it harder do you think for Australian acts to get the recognition and breaks do you feel? 

The scene is definitely healthy, both in trance and techno. A lot of punters who’ve been exposed to the rising popularity of tech house are starting to delve deeper, in search of more raw, driving sounds. There’s always been a core trance following but it’s really gained momentum as of late.

We believe if you don’t work hard, no matter where you live you will struggle to get recognition. Take Factor B, Marlo and Exis for example – these guys are on the grind all the time, and the results speak for themselves. 


Armin Van Buuren (amongst other scene leaders such as Mark Sherry and Bryan Kearney) has become a solid champion of your tracks in recent times, has this been a surprise to you? Will we be seeing you on an ASOT line-up anytime soon? 

One can only dream! As for the support, it’s absolutely mind-blowing. Being in a different time-zone to a lot of these guys, we seem to be waking up to good news every day, whether it’s a video of Bryan playing something of ours at a big festival, Armin dropping our latest release on ASOT, or even a local act in another country showing their support. No matter how big or small, we’re always grateful.

Trance and techno fans can be very critical of each other at times, have you had any negativity surrounding your ability to cross barriers and appeal with your unique style? 

We seem to only get positives out of it, or at least take everything as a positive! We had someone refer to our style as ‘experimental tech house’ and we loved it! Our best success has come from not trying to make a specific genre – that’s part of what makes our sound unique.

You will be touring Europe this summer for the first time, you must be pretty excited? where can we find you playing here in the UK? 

Excited is an understatement! We’re both bouncing off the walls in anticipation! You can catch us at:

Xstatic Summer Festival @ Cattows Farm, Heather, July 15th 


Intense Clubnight @ Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, July 28th


Dark Knights & Trackitdown pres Phutek & HP Source @ Move, Exeter


Would love to see anyone who’s been supporting us – come have a drink with us!

You seem to be dropping at least one release a week right now, what is coming up on the HP release schedule for us here at TID? 

We’ve got a release coming up on Outburst, Kearnage, Techburst, Jumpstereo, Critical State, and a new label we’re really excited to be a part of - HTE

Apart from your main DAW, please give us 3 essential pieces of software that you employ every time you hit the studio? 

Even though it’s part of our DAW, we still have to give special mention to Ableton’s Operator synth. We’re also heavy T-Racks users - we’ve used Operator and T-Racks in pretty much everything we’ve ever made. Last but definitely not least, Izotope’s RX Declicker is a miracle!

Finally, what is the most rock & roll thing to have happened to you whilst out there gigging? 

Aside from the usual mischief, probably the time we caught a helicopter to the Scandinavian islands of Peru. When we woke up one of us was wearing nothing but a rainbow afro wig and the other one was duct taped to a flag pole. Or was that just a dream? Haha.

In all serious-ness though, it would have to be playing four gigs in under 24 hours in two states. Everyone involved treated us like kings. It was an incredible experience.

Thanks to TID for the interview. It’s been great. Stay tuned ;)   

Check out these HP Source selections. (Brown and Red!)

Label: Trackitdown Bundles
Genre: Trance
Release Date: 2017-06-23
MP3 320kbs$ 13.98
WAV$ 16.08

Catch HP Source in Exeter for Dark Knights & Trackitdown presents #globaltechno. 

For tickets: CLICK HERE