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Exclusive Interview: Luciano

Reported by Nick Trackitdown on October 13, 2017

Recently crowned 'Best Tech House DJ' at the DJ Awards, Ibiza. We caught up with the charismatic Luciano for a quick chat in his Hi Teepee about Cadenza, change in Ibiza and keeping his options open...

This is your 17th season here in Ibiza, how has the summer been for you? 

It’s been the year of surprises and an incredible year. A kind of career change and a different vision that I wanted to achieve this year. It’s been constant, good and back to the core of what I really wanted to do. 

No stranger to pretty much any venue in Ibiza, how have things been unfolding here at Hi, does it feel like home already? 

You know, that’s what I’ve always said, it’s not about Hi or Space, we are standing in a physical place where a lot of stories have happened. What happened with Space was like a death, it takes time to accept that someone’s left. When you are born, it’s exactly the same, you can’t teach a kid to walk within a year. It takes time between two strong identities. What I know is that Hi here is incredible, behind the team are the most hard working people that I know. I know them from my time at Ushuaia. I know that the work they are doing here has been outstanding and the parties have been really good. 

There have been a lot moans in recent years about Ibiza changing, VIP culture and such like. For someone who knows the island extremely well and has witnessed much change already, what is your own personal stance on this topic? 

The moans are "I’m getting older" haha. I think that is the change I can testify to, I mean 20 years ago I came here and the first parties were happening and people were moaning, the hippies were moaning about the changes that were happening around that time. They were moaning about us 20 years ago. 17 years ago you used to go to DC10 and there were no fucking phones, no Instagram, no Facebook. Nobody needed to seek approval through social media, it was all about the dancing and music, that was the only thing that mattered. It was all about the party. Now there is a new generation, a much younger generation that comes here and feels it needs to constantly open that window up to the world. It’s still cool, it’s a new way of enjoying it. That is change and you can’t go against evolution. I’m not against anybody, I like playing to people in the VIP and on the dance floor. It’s the whole world gathering together that makes something good. 

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Are you a fan of awards parties in general? 

It is definitely something that gathers everyone together and brings people from the industry. It also celebrates the careers of people who have given their life and hard work to entertain, travel and make the world a dance floor. It’s a place to celebrate whether you win an award or not.  

You brought your flagship night ‘Vagabundos’ back for one night only this summer. How was it? 

It was really good, we had a lot of fun. An important decision that I made at the beginning of the year was one to not take a full season residency and I needed to make a sacrifice. What I wanted was to create unity, not division. There are too many parties with the same concept and same ideas, this causes division. I’ve been a resident at almost every club on this island: Ushuaia, Pacha, Destino, DC10, Amnesia, Privilege and more. This year I wanted the freedom to come back and work with all the people that have supported me for years, the chances that they gave me, so that I can be here today. Maybe it wasn’t the best decision economically, but it was the right decision. 

How is the Cadenza Records family? 

Well, we keep our mission the same as always. There’s a project that I want to do next year with a small tour for the 15th anniversary of Cadenza. It will be called 'Only Vinyl', so we’ll play all night long but only music from the label’s fifteen year history. Recently my assistant and I were going through the 125 records we have released and thought this is music that needs to be heard again. Living so rapidly in the present, it’s so easy to forget great music. 

Seeing as we are at an awards party. If you had to give out three of your own awards this year, who would they go to and why? 

To the fans, because without the crowd, nothing is possible. Also, to my team and of course to my family! 

What are your plans for the winter months, any news you would like to share with the readers of 

There is an album that has been ready for three years, I have just been so busy, but now my team are pushing me, we have around 50 tracks lined up and the album will be put into motion shortly. 

Finally, Ibiza is certainly a crazy place. What is the most off the wall story you have from the island this summer? 

If I open my mouth, the cross in the church will burn (Laughs). Ibiza is a crazy place that you just have to come and experience for yourself, create your own stories. 

20 Anniversary DJ Awards Ibiza - Best Tech House DJ Winner - Luciano  

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