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Exclusive Interview: CamelPhat

Reported by Nick Trackitdown on October 18, 2017

There has been no escaping CamelPhat’s global anthem ‘Cola’ this summer. We caught up with Mike and Dave at the recent DJ Awards at Hi, Ibiza to talk about their award for best track 2017, classic house vibes and the story behind their summer hit!

We interviewed you at last year’s DJ Awards, what’s been going on between now and then? 

Well, we’ve had a few records out, the bookings have started coming in for us now, we are like proper DJ’s now. We climbed over the fence to get in here last year hahah 

We are here at Hi, Ibiza, are you feeling what they have done to the place following Space? 

Yeah definitely, they’ve spent a lot of money, haven’t they? it looks great to be fair, a completely different vibe to Space. We like it and it will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of years and which events will cement its identity.  

Your track Cola has of course been massive on the island this summer, were you expecting it be as well received as it has been? 

(Big Pause) Er, Nah (LOL), We weren’t sure ourselves to be honest with you, we couldn’t get it put away for months. It was meant to be a dark winter record and it ended up being a summer anthem, which was completely unplanned. We had it since February and it got signed in May, no-one wanted it, we gave up on it. We eventually sent it to Defected who took a punt on it finally, despite us sending it to them in February (Laughs)

What was the inspiration for the track? It has quite a dubious theme, right? 

It has indeed, we’ve seen it online a lot. You would have to speak to Elderbrook really, but it is about a girl getting the knock from a nightclub. There were more lyrics that we used in the original version that didn’t make the cut. These kind of explained the story a bit more, but Defected pulled the extra ad-libs out. You are a sick puppy if you think it’s about anything else (laughs). 

Have you found time to chill in Ibiza this summer? 

We usually a book a day for us to recover after a gig, this year we have been doing Tuesday’s at Amnesia, so we usually go to DC10 the next day, blow the back doors off and Thursday go home crying (Laughs). 

Where are your favourite places to escape to and unwind over here? 

Blue Marlin is our favourite and also El Chiringuito, in Es Cava Lita

Your tracks often feature classic 90’s piano vibes, what are your most inspirational 90’s house tunes? 

Well, there’s northern classics and southern classics, we like a lot of the Italian piano classics. Definitely Outlander ‘The Vamp’, that’s a big deal to us, we have done about 50 covers of it over the years lol, a real standout record. 


Seeing as we are at an awards party if you had to give out three of your own awards this year, who would they got to and for what reasons? 

Detlef for being just a really nice chap, him and Cristoph gave us a lot of time, you don’t get that often. Solardo’s James for being an absolute lunatic. Up and coming DJ’s would definitely go to Mason Maynard and Eli Brown. There’s loads though.

What are your plans for the winter months, anything you’d like to share with the readers of 

We have a four-week tour of North America coming up in October, Then back to UK for a bit, then back to LA. We then fly to Australia to do a two-week tour over there. Release wise we have something coming in October on Repopulate Mars and Elrow Records in November. 

Finally, Ibiza is certainly a crazy place. What is the most off the wall story you have from the island this summer? 

Definitely, the pictures of Dave emerging smoking a spliff from DC10, He doesn’t even smoke cigarettes, I’ve never seen him smoke in his life (Laughs). 

(Dave) Yeah, some local nice guy passed it to me, I can’t remember anything for two days, I hope it was a Spliff. (Laughs). 

Anniversary DJ Awards Ibiza 

Best Track 2017 Winner - CamelPhat - Cola - Defected 

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