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Exclusive Interview: Henry Saiz

Reported by Nick Trackitdown on October 18, 2017

We caught up with Spanish electronic mastermind Henry Saiz at the recent DJ Awards, just before he took to the stage with his live band to warm up the proceedings at Hi, Ibiza. 

Here we are at the 20th Anniversary DJ Awards, when did you start coming to the island? 

My first gig in Ibiza I don’t remember, but was probably at Space around 2003. 

What have you been up to Production wise? 

This has been the busiest year of my life I think, I released a new Balance CD compilation in June, a few single, but the main project is my new album which will be released around February, we did it through a Crowd-funder campaign because it was a very expensive idea. We also wanted the fans as part of the project and we did each track in a different part of the world. There is also a documentary film about the whole process, we’ve been to Tokyo, The Andes, Argentina, Australia, California, Everywhere. It would nice to just get a week of time to chill. 

Label: Balance Music
Genre: Techno (Deep, Progressive, Techno)
Release Date: 2017-07-14
MP3 320kbs$ 11.01
WAV$ 12.65

When you are in Ibiza, where are you favourite places to chill and get away from it all? 

I have a tradition here where my friends and I rent a villa opposite Es Vedra, a lot of my friends have nice houses here and I’d prefer to stay in a villa for a couple weeks and hang out, rather than a hotel which can be expensive these days. 


Seeing as we are at an awards party. If you had to give out three of your own awards this year, who would they go to and why? 

Well, I’d have to think about that a lot. In Ibiza, particularly, there are a lot of new parties coming out that are doing something different to the usual tech house that we’ve been listening to for these last few years. In my personal opinion, I like it when DJ’s play with freedom and in-keeping with the spirit of the Balearic vibe. I really enjoyed playing at Circo Loco back in June, I was very surprised at how eclectic the music was.

There have been a lot moans in recent years about Ibiza changing, VIP culture and such like. For someone who knows the island extremely well and has witnessed much change already, what is your own personal stance on this topic? 

That’s of course a change we are all suffering, one that I don’t really like. I understand at the end of the day that there are companies trying to make money here and it’s a business. As I told you, music-wise and from a different perspective I don’t, on the whole, think it’s good for the island. 

What are your plans for the winter months, anything you’d like to share with the readers of 

My Essential Mix is coming out this Saturday, this is really exciting for me as I have been waiting years to do one. The first single of my album is going to be premiered on there, so I am also looking forward to that. We have a very busy winter, touring and preparing the album. 

How do find time to balance touring and writing new music? 

Basically, I don’t sleep and I don’t eat well. (Laughs) I’ve started to age quickly. You only live once though so you have do what you have to do. 

Let’s talk studio. Hardware or Software? 

I am more of a hardware kind of guy because I used to play in band, we are of course opening the proceedings tonight with a live show from my band. Due to this back ground I like to twist knobs and push buttons, I am a musician and prefer the human feel, so definitely the analogue side but you can get great results with both these days. 


Finally, Ibiza is certainly a crazy place. What is the most off the wall story you have from the island this summer? 

This summer was very quiet for me. I only came for Circo Loco once in June and chilled at the Villa which was nice. You may need a different website where I can answer this question truthfully (Laughs). 

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