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Oforia - Headed For Infinity

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 14, 2005

Following Oforia’s excellent ‘Northern Lights EP’ drops the third artist album from one of Israel’s most established psy trance producers titled:  ‘Headed For Infinity’

Label mate to the HUGE Infected Mushroom, Oforia (Ofer Dikoysky to his friends) is perhaps one of the longest established Israeli psy trance artists who’s been actively involved in the trance scene since the early 90’s. He is one of the first Israeli artists to receive massive recognition outside of the UK, first enjoying global success with the single ‘Delerious’, signed to one of the UK’s leading purveyors of psy trance sound: Dragonfly Records, it didn’t take long for a whole host of label’s to come knocking on Oforia’s door…

‘Headed For Infinity’ sees Oforia return on form with this trip into full-on psy trance action. Oforia’s sound is a lot more accessible than some psychedelic acts, combining acid techno-style elements with vocals and a distinct light bouncy flavour that’ll no doubt find this artist favour outside of the traditional circles. ‘High Gear’, Beams Of Light’ and the debut single ‘Northern Lights’ have already established themselves as dance floor monsters and have been included in the sets of some of the worlds leading psy trance DJs.

Having produced many albums under pseudonyms such as Indoor, Pigs In Space, Comet, Phreaky, Oforia has remixing world famous artists including Pink Floyd, Man With No Name, Astral Projection and Tim Shudlt and his discography is as long as the encyclopaedia psychedelia!

As psy trance continues to seep into the UK mainstream sub consciousness, Israel’s BNE/ YoYo is leading the way. Following the massive sell out Psychedelic Academy First Birthday headlined by Israeli acts Astrix and Infected Mushroom,  Oforia takes time out from his global live tour to perform his debut UK live performance by headlining Antiworld's massive Indoor Festival on Sat July 23rd at London’s magic SEone Club.