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Guy Called Gerald Challenges Homogenous House ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 21, 2005

Acid house pioneer A Guy Called Gerald unveiled details of his new independent label Sugoi this week with a detailed critique of the state of mainstream house culture.

“By the early 90's in the UK, house music had a smiley face label stuck on it and had been homogenised – it was basically stuck in its own groove,” the 808 State/ Voodoo Ray legend declared.

“Even today, listening to some of the newer (what's supposedly) dance music and seeing the superstar DJs who appeared out of the pseudo house scene, only fuels my rebel energy,” he continued.

The outspoken artist also lifted the lid on DJs using sound engineers to write all their music declaring ‘Not many people were actually making the music – it was mostly samples.’

“Every time I got to a studio and started setting up my equipment I would always get the same surprised look from the engineers and then they’d start complaining about producers / DJs coming in with a load of records to sample and expecting the engineer to write the tune,” he recalled. 

“If half the hit music from the 90s had the true credits on the sleeve notes it would probably be a lot of writing credit going to those studio engineers.”

Sugoi opens for business on September 5 with the release of Gerald’s new single FLO-RIDE.

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