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Lisa Lashes Says Sorry ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 2, 2004

Lisa Lashes has apologised after getting involved in a fight with another DJ, telling Skrufff this week ‘I deeply regret losing control’.

The hard dance diva clashed with DJ Daley at the end of the night at Midlands venue Storm where the pair had both been performing last weekend (June 19). 

“I wouldn’t normally go around bashing people but this guy Daley has caused me enormous stress ever since he posted a link on a club messageboard last year, saying ‘click here to see Lisa Lashes as a porn star’,” Lisa explained.

“People clicked on the link and there was footage of a girl there with red hair who looked like me, being shagged by two blokes.”

“I felt totally degraded and violated and since then I’ve had numerous blokes in clubs saying to me ‘get your fucking tits out’ and it’s been really distressing. People have seen the link and taken it as being gospel,” she said.

“People forget that you’re a real, normal person as well and you take things to heart but having said that, I shouldn’t have lost my temper and I’d like to apologise to Daley for any distress I’ve caused,” said Lisa. 

DJ Daley admitted posting the offending link ‘as a joke’ some 14 months previously though told Skrufff he’d believed the matter had been resolved back then.

“Lisa didn’t see the funny side, I apologised at the time publicly on the board and the thread was deleted within 24 hours so I thought that was all forgotten about,” said Daley.

“The incident on Saturday was really disappointing and not a very good end to the night , though as far as I'm concerned it's water under the bridge,” he added.

“I've always respected Lisa for how far she has come within the industry and for all she has achieved so I would like to think that we can move on and get on with business.”

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