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Manumission Return To New York (& Ibiza) ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 2, 2004

Manumission Return To New York (& Ibiza): July 6

Andy Manumission chatted to Skrufff this week on the eve of his Ibiza superclub’s grand opening and confirmed they’re planning to launch an extra Manumission season in New York this Fall.

“The energy feels totally right in New York, it feels like the same moment in the life cycle as when we moved into the club scene in Manchester and the same moment as Ibiza,” said Andy.

Pointing out that they’d originally planned to run a night at the Tunnel club in 1994 (‘we got diverted to Ibiza and spent ten years here’ said Andy) he also said he’s been struck by the views of an outspoken New York cab driver he encountered the last time he was in Manhattan.

“This cabbie said that ten years ago there wouldn’t be one night in a year when there wasn’t some transvestite giving a blow job to someone in the back of his cab whereas now that never happens,” said Andy.

“We reckon there’s going to be a backlash against Conservative America. I think you can only suppress a city like New York for so long and we love the idea of coming into New York and launching within a week or two of the US elections.”

Back in Ibiza, Manumission kick off their tenth anniversary season this Monday (July 6) with Goldie Looking Chain, Ivan Smagghe, new residents Ju Ju Babies and the ‘all new totally naked Manumission girls’ (showcasing their ‘Bollywood Bonanza’).

“The new theme is ‘The Story of M’ which is loosely about a spiritual journey with an S&M twist,” said Andy.

“There’s always been and there will always be a sexual element to Manumission, but it’s no longer allowed to dominate, otherwise nothing else can develop. The balance is fantastic now, there’s lots of nudity and stripping but it’s about art rather than sex shows.” (Manumission @ Privilege, Ibiza, Monday July

6, 45 euros in advance, 55 on the door)

Jonty Skrufff