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Pete Tong’s Rock & Roll Suicide ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 7, 2004

Radio One dance guru Pete Tong outed himself as a closet rock & roll fanatic this week, listing seven out of ten rock bands amongst his all time top 10 albums.

The hugely influential dance DJ selected The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as his number one album with Pink Floyd, The Stones, Van Morrison and David Bowie comprising the rest of his all time top 5 (The Observer).

Tong’s unexpected favouritism for rock’s greatest names was confirmed in the Sunday Times where he name-checked Bowie again and raved ‘nothing will ever compete with the gatefold sleeves of Led Zeppelin’ in a piece predicting the ‘death’ of CD. However, chatting to Skrufff recently, the Radio 1 tastemaker stressed his soul credentials over rock, suggesting he may have been reassessing his past in recent months.

“Like everybody I loved The Sex Pistols and I loved The Clash but I was never a punk rocker,” Pete told Skrufff last May.

“I was a bit young when punk started but punk famously emerged from the soul scene. There was a lot of soul boy in early punk,” he said. (Pete Tong DJs at Pacha Ibiza every Friday, throughout the summer)

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