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No Sex Please, We’re British Blokes ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 7, 2004

Three quarters of Brits had just one sexual partner last year while almost a half of men preferred sleeping over sex, according to a recent survey by medical website (News of the World).

The same survey said 1 in 3 Brit blokes pursue couldn’t care less, adopting a ‘take it or leave it’ approach to sex, striking a chord with an unrelated feature on the state of British sexuality in the Sunday Times.

“We can laugh at sex, we can distract ourselves with fantasy scenarios, but we’re still uncomfortable with the real thing,” (Ms) Shane Watson claimed.

“Could fear of intimacy be the reason we drink ourselves into oblivion whenever we get the chance?” (‘Chastity and abstinence when dating are not the same! Abstinence simply means saying "no" to sex when dating! Chastity means more than just abstinence . . .’)

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