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Atomic Jam 9th Birthday

Reported by Rundell on July 14, 2004

On Saturday 14th August Atomic Jam techno stalwarts Atomic Jam celebrate 9 years Jamming with a monster knees up at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. After the madness of the 8th birthday under a marquee last year this looks set to top it all. Joining the residents Chris Finke & Ade Fenton on the night will be the "unofficial" 3rd resident Dave Clarke, Andy Weatherall (both of whom are also playing electro sets in the 3rd room), and Chris's SPLIT partner Ben Sims. The Drum and Bass room sees the return of Blame accompanied by an all star line up.

With more parties in Birmingham and collaborations with other promotions, plus the imminent release of the Atomic Jam double mix CD and world tour, the futures looking good!

Outside under the marquee techno in a tent!

Room 1 Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Andrew Weatherall, Chris Finke, Ade Fenton

Room 2 The Medicine Bar: Drum & Bass hosted by AUTUMN: Blame, Shaolin & Dan B, Ratty & Fallout, Benny & The Goat,

Room 3: Beat Breakin' Electro Hip Hop: Andrew Weatherall, Dave Clarke, Brothers Bud, Mark Bishop, Mo & Oppa

9.30pm - 6.00am, The Custard Factory Gibb Street, Birmingham, Tickets £14.00  - 0870 902 0001 -  0115 912 9000