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Tidy Weekender 6...6...6

Reported by Ed Real on July 28, 2004

They’re he-arrrrr!!! If you’ve got a taste for terror and a passion for the paranormal then welcome to the tidy House of Horrors! The original Weekender for the Harder Generation is back at Pontins in Prestatyn on October 8th – 10th.

The VIP chalets sold out in an amazing 26 minutes and there are less than 50 Classic chalets left. The signs are there that the 6th tidy weekender will again sell out in record time!

Tidy return with the biggest line up since the birth of Frankenstein himself, but it will remain top secret and wont be revealed until the day!

Be afraid, be very afraid and kiss your nerves good bye! The Tidy Friday Fright Night promises monster after monster (tunes, not the DJ’s) in a no holds barred start to the weekend in Chamber One.

It’s a Nightmare on Glazby Street in Chamber Two, where sleep is not an option and the Dark Destroyer takes control for over six hours of evil house and terrifying techno! The Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee of funky house once again return to deliver twisted grooves and bastard beats from the dark intimate Chamber Three.

The chunkiest and bounciest tunes of hard dance are brought back from the dead at the Saturday Night Scream – the Bounce is back and this time it’s not taking any prisoners. It’s a comedy of terrors as the Freddie & Jason of Hard House take control of room two with more freaks, ghouls and geeks than any Monsters ball in history! Faster and fiercer than ever before the Next Generation return to cut up some of the finest hardcore known to man.  Scream if you wanna go faster!

In the final hours of the final day, enter the Twilight Zone where anything and everything can happen! The party continues Sunday night with Lost Boys and Vampire Slayers in Chamber two and the Chiller to help rest your nerves with bean bags and comfy sofa’s, it’s the perfect place to sit back and relax!

So get ready, it will only happen once! It’s tidy Weekender 6…6…6 - Another weekend of mind blowing production and awesome DJ’s. Whatever you do.. Don’t fall asleep!

Chalets go on General sale Monday August 2nd. For tickets and more info please contact or call 01709 710022