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Tidy has a Revolution!

Reported by Ed Real on July 28, 2004

Tidy’s evolution has turned into a clubbing revolution!

On September 11th 2004 - one year on from Magna 7 tidy comrades reunite and return to Magna for yet another mind blowing show!

As their mission to create the ultimate clubbing experience develops tidy returns to the venue that can only be described as awe inspiring. tidy continue to reject any barriers put in their way and pursue their determination to put on some of the biggest, best and most breathtaking parties known to man.

The Magna revolutionaries disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the overthrow of all existing conditions. Leading the rebellion in the main arena are a radical team of leaders in dance music including Judge Jules, Lisa Lashes, Tidy Boys, Paul Glazby, Mark EG, Scott Bond, Lee Haslam and Riley & Durrant.

Comrades John Doe (Live), Andy Farley, Chris Liberator, Mark EG, Ian M, Amber D, Proteus and Paul Maddox rule supreme from an 11 story-high tower of power in the Face of Steel. Some of the most innovative DJs and producers on the scene will use this as a platform to stage their own hard dance uprising.

The Trophy Twins are giving a two fingered salute to all things funky in the house room. Their comrades in the quest to get your ass well and truly shaking are Sonny Wharton, Oblong and Ashley Jai.

New to the hard house coup and playing their first ever Magna are Lisa Pinup, Charlotte Birch, Ben Stevens, Ed Real and Kernzy & Klemenza. Veteran compatriots Tara Reynolds, Guyver, Ingo, Colin Barratt and JP & Jukesy make up this band of die-hard hedonists whose tunes are not for the faint hearted!

Chaos is at the core as Brisk, Ham and Scott Brown deliver the disorderly sounds of hardcore in our last arena. Slipmatt keeps the pace hard and fast with a classics set and is joined by Darren Styles, Sy, Sharkey, Mark Smith and MC’s Wotsee, Whizkid, Casper & Rude.

Let the ruling classes tremble at a clubber’s revolution. tidy have a world to win. Clubbers of all countries.. unite!

Normal VIP £45.00 + bf
tidy FC VIP £40.00 + bf
A limited number of VIP Packages are only available from tidy direct!
Includes: VIP room access with own separate entrance into the building, a
free glass of champagne, free reserved parking, complimentary laminate guide and free separate coat check.


General £26.50 + bf
tidy FC £24.00 + bf


General £29.00 + bf
tidy FC £26.50 + bf