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Scared-y-Cat DJ’s Spider Shame ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 31, 2004

Sasha’s protégé James Zabiela has become the latest star DJ to own up to being frightened of spiders, following in the footsteps of Laurent Garnier and techno type Ade Fenton.

“I’m not very good with creepy-crawlies, so if there’s a big hairy spider in my room I might squash it,” Zabiela confessed in DJ Magazine.

“If I can spare its life I will do, it depends how easy it is to get it out of the door with it crawling up my arm.”

His fears echoed those of French dance hero Laurent Garnier who told Jockey Slut several months ago ‘I’m not a brave person, I’m scared of spiders and snakes’ as well as eyeliner wearing techno don Ade Fenton who told Skrufff he’s often terrified when travelling overseas.

“I played a rave in the Amazon rainforest last year and I was constantly worried about being under attack from spiders,” Ade told Skrufff in a recent chat.

“I didn’t actually see any there but this guy there told me he’d noticed a huge nest of ‘fucking huge spiders, as big as your hand’, as he put it, so I was terrified they’d come out,” he admitted. 

Spider Links (warning: may scare sensitive DJs): (An all-round guide to the housing, feeding and general care of the worlds largest spiders - the theraphosids or tarantulas . . .’)

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