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Mauro Picotto Interview

Reported by Trackitdown TID on August 2, 2004

It is often one’s first experience in a situation or in the presence of an individual that leaves a lasting imprint on one’s memory. My first interview as an “arrived” dance music journalist was just one of those experiences. The first impression of Mauro Picotto was a man with a typically Italian confidence and the simple and clear belief in what he intends achieving as a DJ and music producer and the clear message for lovers of dance music.

Motivated by the intense dislike of being pigeon-holed and tied to a specific genre of music has seen Mauro Picotto provide some of the most telling and diverse dance tracks over the last half decade. Let’s not forget dance floors going mental to hands in the air classics like Iguana, the basslines of Pulsar heavy enough to swim through, and Save A Soul which can only be described as quattro stagioni on vinyl!

Mauro is now taking on the clubbing world on his own terms with his Meganite event that has already created mega sound waves across the world since its launch at the Miami Music conference. Trackitdown managed to catch up with Mauro and quiz him on things mega, things Mauro and things music!

Meganite is doing big things at present. What was the inspiration?

It is really a party where I can play what I want. People love to pigeon-hole DJ’s, so if I played at a trance club I had to play trance and so on. I decided to produce my own night and invite DJ’s and producers I admired. I can play what I want and it works well.

One of the Meganite gigs was held in the jungle in Columbia. Any monkeying around behind the decks from you?

It was amazing! Probably the strangest gig I have done in 20 years. The backdrop was cliffs and waterfalls, giant multi-coloured parrots and 5000 people going crazy. The scary part was plenty of soldiers with machine guns, but they were fine.

There are you and production partner Riccardo Ferri playing alongside the likes of Chris Liebing, Corvin Dalek and Lucien Foort at the Meganite gigs.

They are quality, simple as that. I only book the people I respect and like.

Its Ibiza time again, and Meganite is spending the season at Privilege.

Yes. We are reducing the capacity to about 2000, and made massive changes. We’ve cut out the swimming pool with 35 square foot floor to ceiling projections and a brand new sound system. The production company behind it all does Time Warp, one of Germany’s biggest events. 

How do you view the Ibiza phenomenon? How does it differ from the Miami Music Conference where you great success this year?

Miami is more about the industry and work and Ibiza about parties and having a great time. Ibiza definitely has more energy and culture.

Your third album is nearing completion. After the highly acclaimed The Others, what can we expect and that will fundamentally describe the album?

It’s going to be different; I think most people will be surprised. There will be a bit more melody this time around. I can’t say much more otherwise I will have to kill you!

Nice! Obviously the Mafioso in you coming out there mate…

You have always been known to entertain with your music and production style. Does it ever happen that producers and DJ’s sometimes forget about the dancefloor and listener? Are you ever selfish as a DJ when it comes to deciding what a good track is or not?

I think it happens all the time. I do it myself by getting too involved in a track. I often wake up and have to start again. It’s annoying I know, but I can’t help it. I find I get to a point where I suddenly wake up and have to start all over again. It’s annoying but I can’t help it sometimes.

Beyond the man and the personality, it is ultimately his music that provides the catalyst in the impression that Mauro Picotto leaves on both clubbers and lovers of electronic music alike. Meganite is set to make mega waves wherever the Mauro Picotto phenomenon makes its appearance in the coming months. Check it out; else he might want to kill you too…! Kapisch?