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Tong and Sasha Ditch Vinyl

Reported by Rundell on August 4, 2004

Britain's leading DJ's are abandoning vinyl, with Judge Jules, Eric Morillo, Dave Clarke, Paul Van Dyk and now Pete Tong and Sasha, the future looks more and more towards the digital age.

Sasha is leading the way with computers instead. He plans to show his new way of working to audiences next month and predicts that computer technology will become common place in the DJ booth. "I think it is going to reinvent the role of the DJ and sort the men from the boys, the idea of going to watch a DJ spinning two pieces of vinyl with a mixer is losing its shine. People are looking for more." Sasha says.

Radio 1 DJ, Pete Tong, is another leading DJ who now uses CDs in clubs and anticipates that they make up about 85% of his live sets. DJs such as Eric Morillo and Paul Van Dyk are playing exclusively from CD, frequently using tracks copied from vinyl sources. As Tong describes, "it's all part of evolution and I absolutely welcome change."