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Mixmag Dub Bush A Coke-Sniffing War Dodger ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on August 9, 2004

Britain’s top dance magazine Mixmag branded George W Bush a ‘former coke-sniffing, war-dodging right wing president’ in their new issue, going on to accuse the Republican leader of prosecuting a ‘phony war on clubbing’ for electoral gain.

“George Bush and right wing America want to kill clubbing,” Mixmag warned, “and they could get away with it.”

Their acid comments appeared in a four-page expose on America’s RAVE Act, which painted a bleak picture of contemporary US nightlife.

“Clubbing in New York can already feel more like you’re visiting prison,” they claimed.

“It might seem unbelievable to clubbers in the UK but in the eyes of outraged parents, police and policymakers, US clubs are depraved drug dens to be dealt with by harsh anti-clubbing laws.”

However, the magazine’s assertion that right wing zealots are to blame is only partially true, since the chief architect of the RAVE Act was Senator Joe Biden, a leading light of John Kerry’s (supposedly centre left leaning) Democratic Party.

"Unfortunately, most raves are havens for illicit drug use,” he claimed when launching the Act in 2002.

"Enacting the RAVE Act will help prosecute the promoters who seek to profit from exploiting and endangering young lives." (‘BIDEN BILL TARGETS RAVE PROMOTERS WHO SEEK TO PROFIT BY PUTTING TEENS AT RISK . . .’ Tuesday, June 18, 2002) (Drug Policy Alliance: ‘The "RAVE" Act gives the government even more power to harass and arrest innocent musicians, promoters, venue owners, and fans - all in the name of the War on Drugs . . .’)

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