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Five Times A Week Balearic Brits Overdo The Ecstasy ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on August 9, 2004

One in three young Brits holidaying in Ibiza take ecstasy five or more nights a week, according to a new survey carried out by John Moores University, Liverpool.

The survey was published as Spanish police announced their biggest ever seizure of MDMA ever (9kg, equivalent to 200,000 pills) which the Guardian suggested would ‘strip Ibiza of ecstasy’.

However, the study of 1,000 18-24 year old tourists also suggested that many Brits experimented with different drugs like cocaine when abroad and as well as enjoying a dramatic increase in sexual success.

“Holidaymakers accumulated the same number of sexual partners over a ten day period as they had done in six months prior to their holiday,”said  research author Karen Hughes (Nursing Standard).

The findings matched those uncovered by a Loaded magazine survey last year, which claimed that two thirds of British men on ‘lads’ holidays’ cheat on their girlfriends, with more than half claiming to seduce three of four girls.

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