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Ibiza Brit Killed In Fight ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on August 14, 2004

A 19 man from Nottingham was remanded in custody in Ibiza this week accused of killing another 19 year old Brit in a bar brawl in Ibiza.

Richard Caisley from Newcastle was reportedly initially treated for an ear injury following the altercation in San Jose then collapsed into a coma after returning to his hotel. He later died in hospital of a brain haemorrhage (Mirror). His death came a week after a 20 year Brit ended up in intensive care in San Antonio, after drinking a bottle of vodka in one (reportedly for a bet.)

“He is very lucky not to be dead,” a local doctor told the News of the World.

Less lucky was 19 year old English holidaymaker Richard Fisher who was killed in a tragic accident after attending a foam party in Turkey two weeks ago.

According the Telegraph, the holiday rep was electrocuted after leaving the party when he stopped off at a fast food shop and leant against a fridge. Because his clothes were still soaking wet (and presumably because the fridge had a fault) he was instantly electrocuted.

The Reading teenager was left in a coma for a week then died after being flown back to a hospital in the UK. 

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