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Boom Boom Boom! Psy Festival in Portugal

Reported by Ed Real on August 17, 2004


Europes Most Vibrant International Festival the Boom is back this year
boasting to be 'better than ever'....
Expect a melting pot of people migrating from all parts of the globe to
Lake Idanha - the location of the Boom a wonderful and wild spot for a
psychedelic experience..People will be able to dance and swim
simultaneously but the promoters main goal is to provide a unique artistic,
cultural, personal and social experience to the people....
This unique happening occurs every two years in Portugal and is built
indepdendentl, the whole festival from scratch, without the assistance of
any commercial branding promoting - ecological ideology incorporating
artists from music, paint, sculpture, mulitmedia and science enthusiasts...

The After Boom  is organized and promoted in colaboration between
Crystal Matrix(pt) Hommega rec(isr) Chemical Crew(isr) Spun rec(spain)
Neurobiotics(ital) Sirius rec(jap) 3rd eye rec(Ind) Procyon rec(hung)
Spectrum music(isr)?.All of these artists will not be performing at the
Boom and the
event will take place in the center of Portugal ::: 1h drive from
Idanha-a-Nova.  More details available soon at

Tickets Available just by calling: 0044 (0) 208 365 89 18  or emailing -


 Infected Mushroom(bne.isr)
 Void(Chemical crew-isr)
 Parasense(Crystal Matrix-isr)
 Xerox & Illumination(Hommega-isr)
 Sirius Isness(Moon spirits-Fr)

 Metaphase (Psygate-Uk)
 Paul Taylor(Spun-Aus)
 XP Voodoo(Spun-Rus)
 Sungirl(Star Sound-Rus)
 Karan(3rd eye ?Ind)
 Mix Tech(crystal matrix-pt)
 Duniya(odd rec-pt)
 Psy donio(bionica-pt)

 Chill-out\ Lounge and Reggae area::

 From a different planet(nazca music-pt)
 Morning tea project(crystal matrix-pt)
 Dubwise Connection(pt)

 Ph acid(crystal matrix-pt)
 Liquid shape(c.matrix)

 LASER SHOW international VJS

 Special performance by:LUCIFIX 'N' KWALILOX

Words by Evy M :-)