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Ibiza Revellers (Reportedly) Ridicule Puff Daddy ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on August 23, 2004

American hip hop star P Diddy was reportedly left ‘visibly shaken’ this week week after clubbers at Ibiza superclubs Pacha and Space booed and jeered him after he started performing, particularly at Space.

"The crowd reaction was so bad, he was forced to leave the stage," an unnamed source told the Mirror.

"[P. Diddy] looked very hurt and was heard asking one of his flunkies, 'Why don't they dig me?”, the San Francisco Examiner added.

However, press agents for Erick Morillo, who hosted Puff’s PA at Pacha, said both gigs had gone well, and quoted another unnamed source as saying his Space show had ‘erupted’.

“Puffy came on and worked up the crowd, blowing air horns, getting the crowd to crouch down and jump up and was being very friendly & approachable,” the source said.

“He was totally un-bling bling.”

The media backlash came months after P Diddy hinted he could be tiring off Ibiza, in a surprisingly illuminating interview with Pacha’s in-house magazine Pacha.

“I’ll keep coming back but the crazy prices are spoiling it,” the multi-millionaire Bad Boy chief complained.

 “All of a sudden it’s getting really expensive. It used to be a place where everybody could afford to experience it, but it’s not harder for people to come. Me personally, I’ll go where the fresh music is,” said Puffy.

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