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DJ Mag Torment NME Turncoat ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on August 27, 2004

DJ Magazine launched a ferocious attack on New Musical Express editor Conor McNicholas this week accusing the former Muzik and Mixmag writer of bandwagon (genre) jumping.

“There are some people in life whose opinions we’ve valued- Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Des Lynam (celebrity Brit football commentator- Ed), but there are others we shit on from a great height,” they sneered, “so step forward Conor McNicholas, editor of indie mag NME.”

DJ was apparently enraged by comments Conor made about dance music dying because it lacked the ‘meaning’ of soft rock bands like Coldplay, though the former Muzik editor’s pronouncements increasingly appear to be ironic jokes.

Making his name initially by championing then trying to kill progressive house during his Muzik days, he next plugged hopeless Toff rockersThe Strokes going on to eulogise Robbie Williams equivalent Justin Timberlake last November, by placing him top of NME’s ‘Cool List for 2003 (ahead of The Strokes and Christine Aguilera).

"The NME Cool List is a reflection of how exciting the music scene is right now,” he quipped in November.

“Whether it is wearing the right clothes, being magnetically charismatic or deliberately trashing their talent for the sake of it, all of the entries in this year’s list have one thing in common - the X factor,” Conor decreed. (The NME Cool List includes. . . );action=display;threadid=2042 (‘The dance club culture I used to work in eventually died because, take all the drugs you like, at the end of the day there's nothing there, it doesn't mean anything," he says. "Rock'n'roll means something because Jimi Hendrix died and Kurt Cobain died . . .." Conor McNicholas, NME)

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