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Brit Wannabe ‘Gangstas’ Four Times Faker Than Geeks ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on August 27, 2004

A new survey of young Brits has revealed that 1 in five pretend to use drugs ‘to look cool with their friends’.

Government drug helpline Frank polled 1,000 Brits and analysed their responses according to which music ‘tribe’ the young people belonged to and discovered that ‘gangstas’ are four times more likely than ‘academic/ geeks’ to ‘talk up’ their drug misuse (35% compared to 9%)

The Government report also stressed that ‘gangsta characteristics are about attitude and swagger and not to be confused with criminal behaviour’ suggesting the nerds (‘kids who prefer to stay ‘middle of the road and inconspicuous’) are Britain’s true bad boys.

FRANK spokesperson Darren Hall was pleased with the findings, declaring "it is encouraging that while young people may talk about drug-taking, they aren't necessarily experimenting with drugs themselves.” (‘Boys are twice as likely as girls to say that they have taken drugs when they have not’).

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