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Skrufff Bites ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 6, 2004

“I think if you don’t know someone and you’re a guy talking to a girl or a girl to a guy, it can make it difficult. I think most people think gingers are ugly.” (DJ Magazine)

Natural born red head/ Underwater producer Tim Deluxe complains that ginger haired people face discrimination.

“I was afraid I didn’t have enough records to play. It was kind of fun because due to this reason I had to improvise a little.” (Onion, Australia)

DJ Tiesto admits he was anxious when the Olympics opening ceremony he Djed at started running over time.

“Hey, stand-peeing is now allowed here and will be punished by fines, so if you don’t want any trouble, you’d best sit down.” (Telegraph)

Germans consumers snap of 1.8 million WC Ghosts, a new electronic device which attaches to toilet seats and orders German men to sit down when urinating (if they lift the seat). 

“I think it’s been pretty constant. I don’t think it’s either dying or exploding or going overground, it’s just there and it’s there to stay.” (Onion, Australia)

Swedish techno don Adam Beyer says that despite ‘shit’ record sales, the worldwide techno scene remains generally healthy.

“The responsibility for using cuffs should be with the police.” (Guardian)

UK civil liberties group Liberty criticise moves by global security firm Guardit International to issue handcuffs to nightclub bouncers, for using on ‘troublesome’ revellers.

"We were very surprised and the naked men equally so when we walked in there. It was actually quite funny. They were all naked, wearing only shoes and socks.” (News, South Africa)

South African drug cops raiding Doornfontein gay club the Animal Factory Club find cocaine, ecstasy and spliff hidden in revellers’ socks.

“The CD market has become very saturated and for that reason I don’t think they are as special as they used to be.” (DJ Magazine)

NRK records chief Nick Harris explains why Miguel Migs’ upcoming mix CD will be the label’s 20th, and last, compilation.

“When we originally came out with Fat Of The Land last time around it was the time of Britpop. It was a great time to come out because electronic music seemed a bit down and you could stand up and go ‘Fuck you! We’re not into that! We’re into this! This is what we do! It’s the same this time as well.” (Onion, Australia)

Liam Howlett (aka The Prodigy) reaffirms his competitive approach to promotion.

“It doesn’t mean they don’t care how they look.” (Mirror)

Soap company spokesman Andrew Watson considers the implications of a new survey which shows that 1 in 5 Brit blokes and 8% of women admit to wearing dirty underwear from the laundry basket.

“The best predictor of whether a white American votes Republican is not his or her income but how often he or she goes to church.” (Sunday Times)

79% of whites who went to church at least once a week voted for George W in 2000.