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System 7 Stays On The Dancefloor ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 13, 2004

Electronic music pioneers System 7 sent out promo copies of their upcoming new album Encantado this week, which remains firmly centred around the ambient techno genre the duo have made their own.

“Dance music always has and always will be about DJs and how they move the crowds,” Steve Hillage said on the accompanying press release. “DJs are out teachers- good parties our musical food.”

The album is their first of all new material since Seventh Wave and includes a collaboration with Orb mainman Alex Patterson, though as Steve pointed out in an interview with Skrufff last year, the pair (Steve and his long term partner Miquette Gaudy) create new music with an eye on their past.

“We’re very conscious that we have our own musical personality and our own sound. I don’t think we can ever be accused of skipping around, following trends,” said Steve. He also added that he’s careful to avoid the term trance, a label he considers ‘a bit toxic’.

I’d still really describe our music as ambient techno, which for me implies trance,” said Steve.

“We like house music too and we always like to be in that spot musically where they all meet up.”

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