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Iran Hangs Sex Teen As Turkey Proposes Outlawing Adultery ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 13, 2004

Iranian religious police executed a 16 year old girl last week after she was found guilty of committing ‘acts incompatible with chastity’, after being caught having sex with an unmarried man.

Atefeh Rajabi ‘was hung from a crane in the main square of Neka, in full public view, in order to keep ‘society safe from acts against public morality’,” the Daily Telegraph reported. Local press agency suggested Ms Rajabi was executed after enraging the prosecuting Mullah Haji Rezaii with flippant comments in court, prompting the Mullah to make a personal trip to Teheran to get permission to kill her.

“Judge Rezaii must have felt a personal grudge against her,” one eyewitness told “He put the rope around her neck and left her dangling on the gallows for 45 minutes”.

The barbaric killing happened as neighbouring country Turkey moved closer towards introducing religion inspired anti-adultery laws of their own which could see adulterers being jailed for three years.

“The family is a sacred institution for us,” President Erdogan said this week, in an attempt to justify the change.

 “The stronger the family, the stronger the country. If the family is weakened that country is doomed to destruction,” he claimed (Guardian) 

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