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Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 13, 2004

“The DJs pay £30 to go on air for half an hour. They think they will be stars. But they need to know that if they break an ASBO (anti-social behaviour order), it could lead to six months in jail.” (Guardian)

Tower Hamlets councillor Heather Mallinder announces a renewed crackdown on pirate radio stations.

“People on the scene just didn’t drink alcohol. They had their pills and a bottle of water and they were happy.” (Independent)

Top London restuaranteur Oliver Payton (who made millions importing Sapporo beer and Absolut Vodka into the UK) looks back on the early days of the rave scene.

“Electro, electronica . . . what does that actually mean? Practically everything’s electric unless you’re an acoustic folk band.” (Time Out)

Mark Moore outlines the eclectic music policy at his weekly London club Electrogogo.

“I started out in 1982 and the music I made then was a forerunner of the dance movement. I’ve always loved music I can dance to.” (DJ Magazine)

80s pop-disco contender Howard Jones claims he helped invent acid house.

“The problem is: it’s quite nice. Comfortable. I have a very busy life with a lot of friends. I’m gregarious, but I like solitude, I like to shut the door and be alone. I’m probably not trying hard enough to meet someone.” (Sunday Times)

Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant says he likes staying single.


“If a record’s hot, I let it flow, I let it play. Real DJs play the records longer and they DJ longer too.” (Time Out)

Chicago acid house pioneer DJ Pierre admits he happily plays 10 minute tracks in full.

“I think they raised an eyebrow when I first went in, but it's a very quiet gym. I couldn't do it in front of the general public, it would just be too embarrassing, huffing and sweating away with all these muscly blokes watching you." (The Guardian)

Fatboy Slim admits he’s self conscious about his latest passion; working out.

“I make my own edits of just about every track I play- so many great tunes are just too masturbatory in length at 8 minutes, but work much better when edited down to nearer 6 mins (music producers take note!)” (

Judge Jules offers up a tip.

“Loads of people are taking heroin and that’s not normal. And it’s not just heroin. It’s ketamine or coke or pills. They want to get a bigger bang than the last bang and I think there will be casualties. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day but they’re on their way.” (NME)

Selfish Cunt singer Martin Tomlinson suggests Britain’s drug culture is escalating ominously.

“Please remove from us the plague of the artists, so that we shall not drown in evil waters, and so that they shall not come to our residence to ruin it.” (Guardian)

Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg, New York pray for artists to stay away from the Brooklyn property hot spot.

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