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George W’s Coke & Booze Claims Resurface ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 13, 2004

Persistent stories citing George W Bush as a former hardcore cocaine fiend and lager lout resurfaced again this week in Kitty Kelley’s revealing new book “The Family: The Real Story Of the Bush Dynasty”.

“Bush did coke at Camp David when his father was President,” Bush’s former sister in law Sharon Bush says in Ms Kelly’s latest biography. “And not just once either.”

Ms Kelley claims the President starting abusing coke during his stint in the National Guard in the 60s, dovetailing with allegations made by Texas author J.H. Hatfield in his 1998 book "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President". Mr Hetfield (who died several years ago of a reported drugs overdose) claimed Bush was busted for possessing coke in 1972 and used family connections to expunge the entire record.

Though the White House branded the new allegations as ‘the same trash that was discredited years ago’, Bush has never categorically denied using cocaine in the 60s, leaving him vulnerable to continuing accusations of hypocrisy.  A close confidant of his father Linda Allison also described the Republican chief as a  ‘drunken liability’ to his father in the 60s, claiming the delinquent president was so out of control that he was sent out of Texas to join the Alabama National Guard.

“Georgie was raising a lot of hell in Houston, getting in trouble and embarrassing the family,” Linda Allison told “They just wanted to get him out of Houston.”

Bush’s equally hard-living daughters also made the news this week, reportedly spending $4,500 on a vodka binge, with 20 friends in New York (an average of  $225 each).

"They probably got through about three bottles of Level vodka,” a bartender from Chelsea bar 17 told the New York Post, “and they were given a tour of the club by management." ('First he refused to confirm or deny it. Later he would say only that ‘when I was young and irresponsible .. .') ('The GOP is setting a bad example for the youth of America by endorsing a coke freak for president. It sends the message that winning is all that matters . . .')

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